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A series of booklets covering subjects of interest to Artillery, Fortifications and the general collector are being made available for the first time in their original size since they were first published from the 1830’s onwards. Details listed below of title, date, author, No pages, tables, plates, illustrations and the original source of the publications (RAI):Royal Artillery Institute, (REI): Royal Engineers Institute, (RUSI): Royal United Services Institute, (CJ) Cavalry Journal, (CUSJ) Colburn United Services Journal,Price and weight in gms for calculation of postage.


1.Reports on the mounting of heavy ordnance at Malta 1877 by Ordnance Officer Malta.29pp,13 tables,2 plates with 4 illustrations and 6 illustrations og Ordnance, movement in text (RAI) £5. 120gms


2.Memorandums of Artillery arrangements and alterations made in carriages, harness, ammo. of the Expedition to Egypt 1801 by Brigadier-General Lawson, 14pp,15 plates, with 26 Illustrations,1 fold out (RAI). £10. 120gms.


3.Notes on Armoured Defences 1879 by Col.Inglis , 26pp,3 tables,11 plates,8 foldout, showing detailed drawings & plans with measurements of Casemate shield, curved fronted Portland Breakwater, Horsand Forts, Devon Turret. (RAI) £15. 140gms.


4.An Account of the Great Cannon of Muhammad II by Brigadier-General Lefroy,25pp, 4 tables, 8 illustrations in text, 5 plates with detailed plans of cannon of MuhammadII , the Dulle Griete , Great Gun of Beejapoor Agra,Tzar-Pouschka ( Mioscow ) (RAI), £10. 140gms.


5.Experimental Casemates at Shoeburyness 1870 by Ordnance Select Committee, 20pp, 5 tables,7 plates 1 double fold out,1 single fold out showing 25 Illustrations of construction of Casemate’s & walls & 4 B & W Photos (RAI) £10. 140gms.


6.The 80-Ton Gun by Maj.Maitland , 26pp, 9 tables,1 plates with 8 illustrations, (RAI)£5. 110gms.


7.The Field Gun of 1906 by Lt-Col Bethell , 20pp, 1 fold out Table,6 line drawings, 11 B& W Photos of Field Guns (RAI)£5. 100gms.

8.The Works of Franciso Di Giorgio Martini,by Capt Tylden,13pp,10 Illustrations in text,3 plate with 6 illustrations (REI)£5. 80gms.


9.The Evolution of A Field Gun by Major Bethell , 25pp, 17 illustrations in text. (RAI) £5. 100gms


10. The Story of the 36-Inch Mortars of 1855-1858 by Major-General Lefroy 37pp, 5 tables,2 Plates, 5 illustrations in text (RAI) £10. 150gms.


11. The Maxim Automatic Machine Gun by Capt. Stone ,43pp,20 Plates showing 32 Illustrations (RAI) £15. 150gms.


12. Modern Carriages for Heavy Naval Ordnance 1867 by Commander Scott 21pp, 3 tables ,10 plates,5fold out with 36Ilustrations of heavy ordnance carriages for Coast & Naval Artillery (RUSI) £15. 150gms.


13. Iron-clad Sea-going Shield Ships by Capt. Coles 38pp £ 15. 210gms.


14. A New System of the application of Iron to Forts and Ships, by Mr.G.Arbuckle ,35pp 8 plates with 9 illustrations of Iron parapets, emplacements showing sectional elevations & isometric sketches (RUSI) £15. 170gms.


15. The Conversion and Rifling of Cast-Iron Ordnance, and on Chilled white Iron

Projectiles by Major Palliser ,41pp , 7Plates, 1 fold out, 18 Illustrations. (RUSI) £10.180gm


16. A Proposed New System of Fortifications 1859 by J.Fergussion ,50pp , 1 plate with 3 illustrations, 4 illustrations in text (RUSI). £10. 120gms.


17.Naval Ordnance 1864 by Capt Fishbourne,51pp,5 plates, 4 fold out showing ,50 illustrations of Breech Loading & Muzzle Loading Ordnance, cross sections, grooves, and ammunition. (RUSI) £10. 140gms.

18 .Coast Defences, and the application of Iron to Fortifications 1868 Colonel. Jervois ,22pp, 17 plates with 36 illustrations of the construction of Forts, Barette & Iron Shields, Embrasure & walls, Casemates (RUSI) £15. 100gms.



19. Spithead Forts and the Defence of Portsmouth 1864 by W.Brooks & Capt.Tyle 38pp, 3 plates of which 2 are fold out maps of Charleston Harbour, Portsmouth & Spithead (RUSI) £15. 160gms.


20. The Machine Gun: Their place in the wars of the future & The Gatling Battery, Agar ,Claxton Guns, French & Montigny Mitrailleurs 1869 by Major Fosbery & R.Gatling . 48pp, 5 plates whowing 9 illustrations (RUSI ) £ 10. 130gms.


21 .The Martini-Henry Rifle(the new military breech-loader) 1869 by Captain

V.D. Majendie , 26pp 3 plates with 8 illustrations, 1 fold out plate showing detail of all parts of rifle with 31 illustration (RUSI ) £ 10. 140gms.


22 .Field Howitzers and Mortars 1892 by Lt.Col.Walford 18pp, 2 plates (RUSI) £10. 100gms.


23 .The Field Powder-Magazines 1858 by Colonel Williamson, 24pp, 22 Illustrations in text (RAI) £5.120gms


24. Rifling for Heavy Guns 1873 by Captain Morgan 27pp 8 Illustrations in text (RUSI) £10. 130gms.


25. Dress and Equipment of the Army 1868 by Captain Walker, 28pp, 8 plates with 12 illustrations of helmets, belts, knapsack, pouches, kit roll, bed haversack, tropical dress (RUSI) £10. 100gms.


26. The Military Breechloaders of Prussia, France & England 1871 by Captain Drake 21pp, 1 plates with 5 illustrations (RUSI) £10. 110gms.


27. Field Railways and their general application in war 1873 by Captain Luard , 32pp, 6 plates (2 fold out) 10 illustrations ( RUSI) £15. 120gms.


28. The Protection of our heavy Guns for Coast Defence 1886 by Captain Clarke, 34pp 4 graphs, 4 plates, 2 fold out with 5 illustrations (RAI)£10. 120gms.


29. Mounting and Working of Heavy Guns at sea 1872 by Commander Dawson, 36pp 5 tables, 6 plates (1 fold out) showing 13 detailed illustrations ( RUSI) £15. 120gms.


30. Breaching experiment with Smooth-Bored guns against Martello Towers 1861 report by Ordnance Committee, 18pp, 1 Large fold out plate (RAI) £10. 110gms.


31. Naval and Military Signals 1864 by Lt. Colomb , 44pp, 4 plates showing various flag designs (RUSI) £10. 130gms.


32. The Process of our Heavy Ordnance & Principles of its construction 1870 by Captain Stoney 25pp, 2 plates with 26 illustrations (RUSI)£10. 130gms.


33. Military Pontoons 1865 by Lt.Col . Lovell, 30pp, 5 plates (3 fold out) 19 illustrations of various equipment & carriages (RUSI) £15. 170gms.


34. Signs and Marks on Military Stores 1886 by the Military Stores Dept. 22pp, 16 illustrations in the text showing the types of markings on ammunition etc.(RAI) £10.100gms.


35. Historical Sketch of Rifled Ordnance 1850-68 by Captain Stoney , 33pp, 5 tables 14 illustrations in text (RAI)£10. 150gms.


36. Construction of our Iron-clad Fleet & Iron Shields for Coast Defence 1864 by Captain Harrison 23pp with 6 illustrations in text (RAI )£ 10. 120gms.


37. Our Rifled Projectiles and Fuzes 1871 by Captain Orde Browne 20pp, 8 illustrations in text (RAI) £10. 110gms.


38. Field Engineering( Illustrated by Operations of the German Engineers during the war of 1870-71) 1875 by Lt.Col . Shaw, 38pp, 2 tables, 2 fold out maps of Matz and Rouen (RUSI ) £ 15. 120gms.


39. Submarine Miners in relation to war 1886 by Major Clarke 25pp, 4 maps of Mauritius Port Louis, Harwich, Singapore, The Mersey (RAI) £10. 110gms


40. Working Heavy Guns and Projectiles 1870 by H.Cunningham , 18pp, 9 plates with 15 illustrations of tools, equipment, ordnance in various methods of movement in Coast Battaries (RUSI)£15. 110gms.


41. Fire-Proof Gun Powder Magazines 1872 by Major Majendie , 30pp, 3 illustrations in text, 5 plates fold out with 30 illustrations of expense magazine, artillery store, sectional & elevational plans (RAI)£10. 130gms


42. The Turret versus The Broadside System 1868 by Captain Coles, 52pp, 6 plates with 20 illustrations of various ships, 4 plates fold out (RUSI) £15. 180gms.


43. The Time Fuze (Armstrong, Boxer, Pettmans ) 1864 by Captain Majendie , 25pp 14 illustrations in the text (RAI) £10. 110gms.


44. The Progress of Breech-Loading Small Arms 1875 by John Latham, 26pp, 5 plates with 21 illustrations. (RUSI) £10. 90gms.


45. The Gatling Gun :Its Place in Tactics 1876 by Captain Rodges 26pp, 2 illustrations in text (RUSI) £10. 150gms.


46. Naval Guns 1872 by Commander Dawson, 58pp, 17 tables, 2 plates 1 fold out, 14 illustrations (RUSI) £10. 160gms.


47. The Application of Steam Power to the working of Heavy Guns 1866 by

H.Cunningman , 26pp, 8 plates, 2 fold out with 12 illustrations of ordnance being moved in Naval applications (RUSI ) £ 10. 130gms.


48. The Construction of Our Heavy Guns 1868 by Captain Stoney , 26pp, 4 plates with 30 illustrations , also illustrations in the text (RUSI) £15. 110gms.


49. Military Bridge Construction 1876 by Lt.Col . Leahy 34pp, 6 tables, 10 plates withdifferent bridges designs and carriage illustrations (RUSI) £15. 140gms.


50.The New Garrison Carriages 1876 by Major Kemmis , 19pp, 2 tables, 2 plate, 15 illustrations in text (RAI)£15. 110gms.


51. Breech-Loading and Muzzle-Loading for Guns 1875 by Major Morgan, 30pp, 15 illustrations in text (RUSI) £10. 150gms.


52. Notes on the 2.5-Inch Jointed Screw Gun 1886 by Captain Whits , Lt. Cleeve & Captain Simson , 23pp 4 tables, 6 illustrations ,3 papers in one booklet on the subject (RAI) £10. 140gms.


53. The Field Gun for India 1870 by Colonel Maxwell ,23pp 4 tables, 4 plates, 16 illustrations of the Bronze R.M.L. Gun 9pd 8 Cwt Ordnance (RAI) £15. 150gms.


54. The Construction of Heavy Rifled Ordnance 1868 by Major Palliser , 21pp, 1 plate with 2 illustrations (RUSI ) £ 10. 120gms.


55. The Nordenfelt Machine Gun 1881 by T.Nordenfelt 21pp, 3 tables, 3 plates, 1 fold out, with 10 illustrations (RUSI) £10. 110gms.


56. Field Fortifications 1858 by Major Griffiths, 23pp, 8 plates 1 fold out, with 21 illustrations of various developments of field fortifications (RUSI ) £ 10. 130gms.


57. Coast Fortification and the Naval Attack of Fortresses 1879 by Major Parnell, 39pp (REI ) £ 10. 150gms.


58. Cartridges for Breech Loading Small Arms 1869 by Captain O’Hea , 22pp, 8 plates with 31 illustrations of various makes of cartridges. (RUSI) £10. 90gms.


59. Considerations relating to Magazines,Storage and other similar requirements for Garrison & Coast Battaries 1860 by Lt.Col.Nixon 19pp, 1 plates with 2 illustrations (RAI) £10. 90gms.


60. Hotchkiss Revolving Guns 1880 by B.Hotchkiss , 19pp, 3 plates 1 fold out, 4

illustrations ( RUSI) £10. 100gms.


61. Shelter-Trenches or temp . cover for troops 1871 by Col. Graham VC, 30pp, 4 tables, 4 plates, 3 fold out with 30 illustrations (RUSI) £15. 100gms.


62. Diagrams of Gun Carriages 1854 by Captain Clark, 12pp, 36 plates, 3 fold out, with 90 illustrations of plan and side elevations of carriages (gun) in use at that date. Taken from Aide- Memoire to the Military Sciences 3 rd Edition (REI) £15. 170gms.


63. Military Telegraph and Signalling 1871 by Captain Stotherd , 23pp, illustrations in text, 3 fold out plates 2 with illustrations of wagons, 1 map of Konigratz (RUSI) £10 110gms.


64. Quick-Firing Guns for Fortress Defence 1890 by Captain Stone 38pp 8 tables (RUSI) £5. 90gms.


65 .An abstract of Mullers History of Fortress-Warfare c1880 by Captain Lloyd, 38pp 5 fold out plates of fortress plans with 10 illustrations (REI) £15. 110gms.


66. Krupp’s Meppen Experiments of 1879 by Captain O.Browne , 20pp, 7 illustrations in text 2 fold out plates with 4 illustrations (RAI) £10. 100gms.


67. Power of Guns and Armoured Defences and Ship versus Forts 1890 by Captain O.Browne , 14pp, 13 plates, with 19 illustrations of Armour plates, Cupolas, Turret Forts, Mobile shielded mounting. (REI) £10. 110gms.


68.Austrian Mountain Artillery 1870 by Lt.Col.Maxwell , 48pp, 9 plates, 1 fold out, 27 illustrations & 25 tables in the text. (RAI) £15. 140gms.


69 .Diagrams of Service Ordnance 1891 by Major Savage, 2pp, 30 plates with 34

illustrations with dimensions , of all types of Ordnance in use of that date from a 1pd QF Gun to Dissapearing Guns used in Coastal Defence (REI) £15. 130gms.


70. The composition and strength of a Siege Train required for the Attack of a Modern Fortress 1879 by Captain Wray, 20pp 14 tables, 4 plates showing Siege Artillery on Carriages for transport (RAI) £10. 100gms.


71. The Field Gun of 1903-1905. by Major Bethell , 38pp, 4 plates, 15 illustrations originally published 1903, 1904 & 1905.(RAI) £10. 100gms.


72. Coast Defence Colonel Shaw, 36pp, 9 plates with 17 illustrations (RUSI) £10. 110gms.


73. Equipment of Artillery (Naval & Military) 1854. by Major-General Lewis, 48pp, 8 large tables giving listing of Horse, Field Batteries, Light & Mountain service, Heavy, Naval/Ships. Taken from Aide- Memoire to the Military Sciences 3 rd Edition (REI) £10.100gms.


74. Revolvers and their use 1886. by Major Kitchener, 46pp, 7 plates with 14 illustrations of revolvers, ammunition, shooting range, targets (RUSI)£10. 120gms.


75. Machine Guns in the Field 1884. by Lord Beresford R.N., 24pp, 8 plates with 10 illustrations plus one fold out plates with 10 illustrations on “Detail of new Gattling Gun” (RUSI)£15. 100gms.


76. Military Equipment 1878. by Lt. Graves, 34pp, 13 plates showing 36 illustrations of Crighton , Olive Equipment, Belts, Pouches, Cases, Water bottles, Haversack, and how it was all worn, Infantry & Cavalry. (RUSI) £10. 110gms.


77. Magazine Rifles and Repeaters 1883. by Lt. Col. Fosbery V.C., 56pp, 5 plates with 12 illustrations (RUSI)£10. 140gms.


78. Military Ballooning Lt. Baden-Powell & Captain Templer 34pp, 5 plates with 8 illustrations (RUSI) £5. 100gms.


79. Principles on Construction of Carriages 1871. by Captain Kemmis , 27pp, 4 plates with 11 illustrations plus 4 in text on transport carriages, wheels and axletrees, Field Artillery carriages (RUSI) £10. 120gms.


80. Offensive Torpedo Warfare Commander Dawson 26pp, 4 plates with 12 illustrations ( RUSI) £10. 80gms.


81. Mountings for Coast Artillery 1897. by Lt. Col. Sir G.S.Clarke 12pp, 12 plates with 14 detailed scale drawings of Heavy Coast Ordnance and emplacements of that period (REI) £15. 120gms.


82. The Block House System in the South African War 1900. by Lt.Col.Bethell , 18pp, 7 pages of 11 B & W photos, 12 plates with 42 detailed plans of various designs, scale construction plans, alarm systems and much more (REI)£15. 130gms.


83. Report on the 7-Inch Wrought-Iron Guns 1864. by the Ordnance Select Committee, 26pp with 20 tables, 9 plates with 17 illustrations, originally published 1864 & 1865 (RAI) £5. 100gms.


84. Suggestions on Transport of the Future 1883. by Lt. Col. Webber, 40pp, 5 plates showing 9 illustrations (RUSI)£10. 100gms.


85. The Ordnance (Artillery) of 1854. by Major-General Lewis, 24pp, 11 tables, 14 plates showing 15 Gun Barrels with all dimensions. Taken from Aide- Memoire to the Military Sciences 3 rd Edition (REI )£ 10. 110gms.



86. Forts of To- Day 1883 . by Major Lloyd, 16pp, 5 plates 1 fold out, 6 illustrations showing detailed diagrams of new forts. (RUSI) £10. 100gms.


87. The Field Gun of 1907-1909. by Col. Bethell , 28pp, 7 tables, 1 fold out, 9 B & W photos, 7 illustrations, 1 fold out page. Originally published 1907, 1908 & 1909 (RAI )£ 10. 110gms.


88. The Defence of Harbours by Submarine Mines by Lt. Sleeman , 22pp, 9 plates with 12 illustrations of various designs of mines and their layout & placement on maps, layout of group formations, electrical systems (RUSI).£10. 90gms.


89. The Range-Finder 1872. by Captain Nolan, 48pp, 12 tables, 4 illustrations in text (RAI) £10. 100gms.


90. Compound Guns, Many- Barralled Rifle Battaries 1874. by Captain Owen, 36pp 11 tables, 6 plates 2 fold out with 12 illustrations of Gattling , Swedish Mitrailleur & others, detail section drawings of action (RAI) £15. 110gms.


91. Historical Notes on the Royal Arsenal & Old Woolwich 1868 by Lt. Grover and Mr. Hewitt, 28pp, 6 maps, 1 fold out. (RAI ) . £10. 100gms.


92. Equipment and Services of our Mountain Artillery .by Captain Simpson, 38pp 10 plates, 1 fold out, with 18 illustrations of Mule equipped £10. 120gms.


93. Improvements in Lights for Signalling in the Navy & Army/Experiments of a new system of Lighting H.M.Ships by Mr. Silber & Captain Bridge, 42pp, 6 tables, 4 illustrations in text, 7 plates of various designs (RUSI) 1878. £5. 120gms.


94. A Descriptive History of Quick Firing Guns Captain Stone, 24pp 17 plates with 20 detailed illustrations of Hotchkiss, Nordenfelt , Maximum Quick Firing mechanism and systems (RUSI) £10. 110gms.


95. Magazine and Repeating Rifles 1887. Captain James, 28pp 4 tables, 8 plates with 18 illustrations of various makes of magazine rifle, showing cross section drawings showing firing mechanism, ammunition (RUSI) £10. 90gms.


96. The Heavy Guns of 1884. by Colonel Maitland, 38pp, 1 table, 13 plates with 32 illustrations of breech-action of various manufactures, outline & section drawings of Ordnance up to and including 119 tons. (RUSI) £10. 130gms.


97. Military( or Strategic) and Refuge Harbours 1875 by Sir John Coode , 23pp, 1 table (RUSI) £10. 100gms.


98. Artillery Instruments not of Service Type Major Notcutt , 23pp, 1 fold out table, 18 illustrations/B & W photographs of various types of instruments (RAI) £15. 100gms.


99. Notes on the Shrapnel Shell 1864. by Captain Majendie , 28pp,4 tables, 1 illustratio (RUSI) £5. 80gms.


100. Surveys on the English Coast 1779-1793. by Major Macrae , 32pp, detailed reports giving Ordnance used at various Castles & Coast Fortifications during the period (RAI)£10. 130gms.


101. The New Austrian Austrian Field Guns c1877 by Captain Owen, 24pp, 6 tables, 20 illustrations in text of barrel, rifling,breech -block, sight, ammunition, gun-carriage, ammunition wagon (RAI) £10. 100gms.

102. Improving Artillery Fire by Capt. Scott’s System 1881 by Captain Scott, 26pp, 3 tables, 2 plates with 5 illustrations and 5 illustrations in the text (RUSI) £10. 110gms


103. Artillery in Coast Defence 1892 by Major Hansard , 50pp, 5 tables, 2 illustrations in the text (RAI)£15. 110gms.


104 Progress of Ordnance abroad compared with that at Home 1864 by Commander Scott, 26pp, 2 tables, 11 plates, 2 fold out showing 43 illustrations of Armstrong, Blakely, Mersey, Prussian, Mackay, Horsfall guns and ammunition, section drawings (RUSI)£10. 110gms.


105 Historical Sketch of the Coast Defences of England 1886 by W.H.Tregellas , 20pp, 1 table, 5 fold out plates showing plans/maps of the 1600’s of Portsmouth, Chetham , Portsmouth, The Thames (REI)£10. 110gms.


106 Machine-Guns 1883 by Captain, Lord Bersford , R.N., 28pp, 10 tables, 9 plans, 11 illustrations, of Nordenfelt 1 ½” 2pd, Hotchkiss 1pd, 6pd, Revolving Cannon, Gatling Gun (RUSI)£10. 130gms.


107 Military Small Arms 1891 by Lt.Col.Fosbery V.C., 26pp, 4 plates with 16 photos /illustrations of English, Austrain , Belgium, Turkey etc. bold and magazine systems (RUSI £10. 80gms.


108 The Field Gun of 1913 by Colonel Bethell , 24pp, 1 foldout table, 7 B & W photos, details of 21 countries new equipment ,Ordnance & Ammunition (RAI)£10. 90gms.


109 Dress and Equipment with practical illustrations 1890 by Colonel Bengough,36pp 1 table (RUSI) £10. 90gms.


110 New Weapons of 1886 various authors, 20pp, 7 plates with 20 illustrations of the “ Remmington -Lee “ Magazine Rifle, Paulson’s Electrical Automatic Locomotive Torpedo, Electric Guns and Ammunition. (RUSI) £10. 110gms.


111 The Milford Haven Experiments 1886 by Captain Rainsford-Hannay , 30pp, 3 plates 2 fold out, map of area used for experiment with layout & wiring of mine field (REI)£10. 90gms.


112 The Pneumatic Dynamite Gun c1888 by Captain De H Haig , 17pp, 5 plates 1 fold out with 11 illustrations of first pattern, 8-inch version, effects of test, torpedo cruiser (RUSI)£10. 100gms.


113 Power Pressures in the first 35-ton Gun c1873 by Commander Dawson, 46pp, 15 tables, 4 plates 2 fold out (RUSI) £10, 120gms.


114 Field Telegraph: Its work in recent campaigns & present orgnization 1884 by Lt.Col . Hamilton, 25pp, 5 plates showing 20 illustrations of cable wagon, air-line wagon, tools and equipment, map. (RUSI) £10. 120gms.


115 The Laying for Night Firing by Collimator & Night-Sight Vain c1869 by Lt.Col . Davidson, 21pp, 3 tables, 7 plates, 1 fold out, with 15 illustrations, 11 illustrations in the text (RUSI) £10. 120gms.


116 Types of works for Coast Defence c1887 by Major Lewis, 42pp, 3 plates, 2 fold out, with 7 illustrations showing layout of 9.2 & 6-inch gun battery, Barbette battery with shoal water in front, 10 & 6-inch H.P. Emplacement (REI)£10. 110gms.


117 Entrenched Camps and Detached Forts c1887 by Captain Jackson, 42pp, 5 plates showing 12 illustrations of German, French Forts, section drawings of open, casemate battery (REI)£10. 120gms.


118 An Improved War-Rocket for use in both Military & Naval Operations 1877 by Commander Cole, 24pp, 3 tables, 7 designs of new designs of improved war-rocket pattern 1876 showing sectional elevation (RUSI) £10. 100gms.


119 Fortifications since the introduction of High-Explosive Shells 1895 £10. 90gms.


120 Progress of Ordnance Abroad compared with that at Home 1862 by Commander Scott, 26pp, 14 plates showing 28 illustrations of Montigny , Cavilli , Wahrndorf Breech Loaders, Austrian, Russian, Prussian, American(Parrot) Armstrong and various cast Iron Guns, sketches of section of rifling (RUSI) £10. 110gms.


121 Use of Railways for Coast and Harbour Defence 1891 by 2 nd Lt. Girouard , 19pp, 4 maps, 1 fold out (RUSI)£10. 100gms.


122 The Principles which should guide the construction of Heavy Ordnance and

materials of same 1879. by J.Longridge , 42pp, 7 tables, 11 illustrations in text (RUSI)£10. 100gms.


123 Early Breech-Loaders 1865 by John Latham, 10pp, 3 tables, 11 plates with 21 illustrations of various designs & types of construction from 1537, although the text traces its history from the 1400’s (RUSI)£10. 90gms.


124 Machine Guns and How to use them 1882 by Mr. Gardner, 12pp, 6 plates with 22 illustrations of section elevations, guns, limbers, wagons with guns attach ed. (RUSI) £15. 80gms.


125 Mance’s Heliograph or Sun-Telegraph/Heliograph and Army Signalling 1875 by S.Goodie & Major Wynne. 40pp (RUSI )£ 5. 90gms.


126 A proposal for a very heavy Breech-loading gun of novel construction 1870 by Captain Morgan, 25pp, 4 plates with 17 illustrations of Heavy Gun construction, design & cross section (RUSI) £10. 80gms.


127 The Lay and other Locomotive Torpedoes for the purpose of Coast Defence and also as the armament of ships, torpedo and submarine boats 1883 by Lt. Sleeman , 33pp, 4 diagrams in text, 1 fold out illustration with 9 diagrams on (RUSI)£10. 130gms.


128 Military Cycling 1888 by Lt. Savile , 25pp, 4 plates showing cycle designs to scale (RUSI) £5. 110gms.


129 Hints for applications of Shrapnel Shell & Shrapnel of the Past 1864 by Major General Gardner, 56pp, 29 illustrations in the text showing the application of firing at different targets (RAI) £10. 110gms.


130 The Defence of Coasts of England, Ireland and Scotland in the event of war 1886 by Rear-Admiral Arthur, 24pp (RUSI) £5. 100gms.


131 Quick-Firing Gun in the Field 1888 by Mr. Nordenfelt , 24pp, 7 plates, 3 fold out, double pages illustrating 3,6 & 8pd Ammunition, 3 pd on Galloping carriage, 8pd Field Gun, Limber & Ammunition all to scale (RUSI)£15


132 Military Transport/Suggestions for the Land Transport Service of the Army/ 1869 by Mr. F.Wingfield /Capt. G.Beazly . 38pp (RUSI )£ 5. 90gms.


133 Present Position of the Armour question 1884 by Captain C.O. Browne, 20pp 10 plates with 80 illustrations of Armour Plate, shells and the effect of firing at foe tests (RUSI )£ 10. 80gms.


134 Field Engineering in the light of Modern Warfare 1904 by Lt.Col . Heath, 24pp, 6 illustrations in text showing structure and its cross section (REI) £10. 100gms.


135 Hydro-Pneumatic Gear for Siege and Heavy Ordnance 1885 by W.Anderson , 42pp, 10 plates of which 7 are fold out showing detailed plans of 9.2-inch BL 19 tons, 10-Inch BL 27 tons, 6.6-inch RML, 6-inch BL 5 ton guns on Moncrieff carriage (REI)£15. 140gms.


136 Guns and Armour in engagements with ships 1888 by Capt. C.O. Browne, 16pp, 10 plates with 16 illustrations of Coast Defence Ordnance, Turret, Ships, Gruson Shield, Glatton Turret. (REI) £ 10 120gms .


137 Modern Field Artillery 1880 by Captain W.H.James , 18pp, 9 tables. (RUSI) £10 90gms.


138 Defensive Submarine Warfare 1871. By Major R.H.Stotherd . 30pp, 6 plates with 9 illustrations/maps. (RUSI) £10. 100gms.


139 The Pneumatic Torpedo-Gun, its use ashore and afloat 1889. by Captain E.L.Zalinski . 34pp. (RUSI). £10. 90gms.

140 The Automobile, and its possible use for military purpose by Major Holden /Mechanical transport for military purposes 1901. by Lt. Col. Crompton . 28pp, 6 plates showing various Automobiles. (RAI) £10 90gms


141 The Shape of Sword Blades/Notes on the International Exhibition 1863 by John Latham. 22pp, 12 plates with 34 illustrations of Swords & cross sections of blades . (RUSI) £10. 100gms.


142 Torpedo Boat: reference to those built by messrs Yarrow & Co. 1884 by

Mr. Yarrow. 26pp.7 plates (2 fold out with detailed scale drawings) .( RUSI)£15 140gms


143 Coast Defence Systems from Foreign Sources 1888 36pp, (RUSI) £5 80gms.


144 Heavy Guns and Heavy Shells Vs Light Guns and Light Shells with some remarks on the armament of Her Majesty’s Ships “Victoria”, “ Sanspareil ” and “ Bennow ” c1891 by George Quick. 28pp. (RUSI ) £ 5 70gms


145 The new (Enfield-Martini )Rifle & its comparison with other Rifles 1886 by Col. H.T.Arbuthnot . 24pp. 3 Large fold out plates (RUSI) £15. 130gms


146 The History of the Bayonet 1863 by Captain Sir. S.D.Scott . 16pp. 9 plates with 15 illustrations of Ancient & Modern designs .( RUSI). £10. 100gms.


147 The best type of Gun for the British, including the question of Q.F.Guns 1893 by Captain Headlam . 32pp. 1 graph. (RUSI) £5. 80gms.


148 The Naval Defence of the United Kingdom 1888 by Rear-Admiral Coloms . 37pp. 1 map .( RUSI) £5. 90gms.


149 Submarine Boats 1886 by Thorsten Nordenfelt . 25pp. 1 Fold out plates showing two designs. (RUSI) £10. 110gms.


150 The New Cavalry Sword & Mounted Horsemanship c1908 by Major Poore / The Cavalry Sword and How to use it in War by Major Crichton. 20pp, 20 illustrations in text .( C.J.) £10 100gms.


151 Machine Guns their use and abuse 1886 by Capt. Armit , 32pp, 9 pages of Illustrations on Hotchkiss 1p, 2p, 6p, Revolving Cannon, Col. Alt’s Carriage with Nordenfelt M/G mounted on, Mule carring Machine Gun. (RUSI) £10. 110gms


152 On Fortified Camps and Fortresses 1880 by Major Parnell, 24pp ,1 fold out table (REI) £5. 110gms


153 Field Artillery and Okehampton Experiences 1895 by Major Hughes. 26pp, 3 tables , 1 plate showing Ammunition, 4 fold out plates showing 4.7” QF Mk 1 garrison carriage, sections of Field redoubt, 3” QF Maxim Nordenfelt Gun and Limber. (REI) £ 10 140gms


154 Telegraphy for Naval and Military Purposes 1863 by Captain Bolton. 24pp, 2 plates with 3 illustrtions . (RUSI) £5 70gms

155 Modern Types of Guns 1884 by Lt. Col. Baylay . 30pp, 4 tables, 12 illustrations in text, 6 plates, 2 fold out with 8” BL 13 tons Gun, ‘A’ Frame for gun mounting, electrical trigger, chronograph, layout of firing range. (REI) £10 .140gms


156 Historical Sketch of Defences of Malta c1879 by Walter H.Tregellas , 27pp, 6 plates, 3 fold out showing layout of defences from 1551. (REI) £ 10 140gms

157 Working Heavy Guns by Manual ,Hydraulic and Steam Machinery c1879 by H.J.Butter . 20pp, 12 plates with 18 illustrations (RUSI) £ 10 130gms


158 Mild Steel Applied to Naval and Military Purposes c1885 by Major Mackinlay . 33pp, 15 illustrations in text. 1 fold out plates with 17 illustrations showing manufacture & application of mild steel (RUSI ) £ 5 80gms


159 The Development of Field Artillery Material c1891 by Lt. Col. Walford . 24pp, 3 plates showing 7 illustrations of Ammunition (RUSI ) £ 10 110gms.


160 On Visual Signalling c1881 by Eward Rambusch . 24pp £ 5 100gms.

161 Military Pyrotechny , Ammunition, Gun Cotton & Gun power c1854. 50pp, 7 tables, 98 illustrations in text of tools, equipment, machines, packing used in manufacture & production Taken from Aide- Memoire to the Military Sciences 3 rd Ed (REI) £15 110gms


162 Coast Defence by Gunboat Abmiral Sir George Elliot, 21pp,2 fold out plates of designs for Gun Boats by Sir George & Sir A. Clarke (RUSI) £10 110gms


163 Short Notes on the 13pd R.M.L. Gun c1879. by Majot Nicholson. 14pp, 5 plates of Gun, Limber, Ammunition,,from 1888 Treatise of Military Carriages (RAI) £10 90gms


164 Memoir on the Polygonal Fortification constructed in Germany since 1815. by Captain J.Williams . pub 1853. 29pp,double fold out page of plans(REI) £10 130gms


165 Experiments with 10 and 12-inch Armstrong Guns at Cadiz c1884/Experimental destruction of Heavy Guns at Aliexandria by Major Smith. 11pp, 3 tables, 7 plates 2 fold out, 5 illustrations in text (RAI).by £10 90gms


166 “The Field Telegraph” its use in the war and its employment in the late expeditions in the Sudan & South Africa c1886. by Major Beresford R.E. 28pp, 4 plates 3 of maps 1 of equipment. (RUSI) £10 130gms


167  A Revolution in the Science of Gunnery c 1884. by Lt.Co . W,Hope V.C. 27pp, 1 fold out plate £10 120gms


168 Mechanically Propelled Vechicles for Military Purposes c1904, by Major McNalty A.S.C. 28pp, 2 illustrations in text (RUSI) £10 110gms


169 The French 120mm Field Howitzer c1896. by Major Holzner , 18pp, 13 plates, 1 fold out, 16 detailed engineering drawings of gun, limber, ammunition, (RUSI) £10 100gms


170 The employment of large cavalry, smokless powder & Movable Fortresses as

illustrated by the German Autumn manoeuvres of 1889. by G.Saunders . 28pp, 3 plates

with 4 illustrations of Movable Fortresses, 1 map. (RUSI) £10 90gms


171 Notes on the Organization & Armament of the Artillery of the B. A.c1856 by Gen.

Sir. R.Gardiner . 32pp (RAI). £5. 80gms.


172 The use of Balloons in Military Operations c1863. by Lt. Grover & Captain

Bealimont . 34pp, (REI). £10. 80gms.


173 New Artillery Designs:Muzzle -Pivoting Gun Carriage by Captain Heaton/ The

”MacKay” Gun and its Projectiles by J. MacKay c1868, 25pp,(RUSI) £10. 120gms


174 Explosive Bullets and their Application to Military Purposes c1868 by Major

G.V.Fosbery V.C., 12pp, 10 plates with 24 Bullets/Equipment. (RUSI) £10. 100gms


175 Coast Artillery Practice c1893 by Col. J.B.Richardson . 22pp, 8 plates, 1 fold out.

With ill of Group symbols and Gun Numbers, towing targets. (RUSI).£10. 90gms.


176 Notes on the Employment of Submarine Mines in America during the late Civil

War c1866 by Capt. E.H..Stewart.28pp.13 plates with 22 Mines/mine laying

equipment illustrations (REI) £15. 120gms

177 The Employment of Mirailleurs during the Recent War, and their use in Future Wars

c1872 bt Lt.Col . H.C.Fletcher , 28pp,comparison of 9pd Field Gun and Gattling Gun

Batteries (RUSI) £10. 80gms


178 Breech-Loaders with reference to Calibre,Supply and cost of Ammo. c1867 by Capt.

J.H.Selwyn 9pp 9 plates with 15 illus of Rifles, Ammunition etc. (RUSI) £10. 90gms


179 The Equipment of Field Artillery c1881 by Capt. Jocelyb , 26pp, 17 plates, 2 fold out with 41 ill. of Hotchkiss revolving Gun, Gardner Battery Gun, Field Carriage &

Limber, Ammunition, (RUSI) £10. 120gms


180 Military Pontoons, with suggestions for their improvement c1860 by Capt. F.Fowke ,

16pp, 12 plates, 1 fold out with 30 ill. of Pontoons, Carriages, Equipment, layouts of

Bridging, Comparison of Different types (RUSI) £10. 125gms


181 Rifled Ordnance c1860 by Captain Blakely, 27pp, 8 plates with 15 illustrations

showing 5 barrals , 2 of ammunition etc. (RUSI) £10. 100gms


182 Submerged Discharge of Whitehead and other Automobile Torpedos c1893 by

Captain G.Astuto . 18pp, 2 illustrations (RUSI) £5. 90gms


183 Steam-Powered versus Sail-Power for Men-of-War c1878 by Capt. P.H.Colomb

26pp 1 illustration . (RUSI) £5. 110gms


184 Breech-Loaders for the Army & Gun Cotton as an explosive agent in Modern

Warfare c1864 by Lt. A.Walker . 30pp, 11 plates with 25 ill. of Westley Richards,

Terry’s, Green’s, Mont Storm’s designs, Ammunition,, etc (RUSI) £15. 120gms


185 The Revolving System of Firing Great Guns c1869 by Commander B.Sharp . 16pp, 7

plates with detailed drawings showing gun mountings. (RUSI) £10. 100gms


186 Gun-Locks and their History c1859 by R.Pritchett . 7pp, 7 plates with illustrations of different designs. (RUSI) £10 80gms


187 A Brief Sketch of the present state of British Gunnery c1887 by Major E.Maitland

20pp, 3 tables, 1 graph. (REI) £5. 90gms


188 The Fortifications of Deligrad and their Influence during the Turco-Servian War

of 1876. by Major C.Woodward . 35pp, 2 plates, 1 map. (REI) £10. 90gms


189 The Construction of British Ordnance c1854. by Col Carter r.a.,28pp, 10 plates (3

fold out) with 34 illustrations of machines used for processing and manufacture of

smooth bore ordnance , plans of buildings (REI) £15. 160gms


190 Steam Transport on Roads Lt. Col. Templer.16pp 3 plates(I fold out)

(RUSI) £10. 90gms


191 The Italian Field Gun (Bronze) c1876. by Col. H.H.Maxwell , 10pp, 9 plates with 24 illustrations of carriage, barrel, wheels, ammunition, fuzes . (RAI) £10 80 gms


192 The New Design for Percussion , Concussion, Time,Electric Fuzes c1882 .12pp, 18

plates with 37 illu’s of cross section drawings of various fuzes (RAI) £10 100gms


193 Mountain Artillery, its Organisation,Equipment and Tactics c1887. by Capt’s White & Simpson. 30pp, 11 tables, 14 plates,(1 fold out) with 19 ill. of barrels, carriages, mountings, panel, saddles, ammunition. (RAI) £10 110gms


194 Field Fortifications c1854. by Lt.Col . Jebb R.E., 22pp, 16 plates,with 104 ill. of cross section of fortification designs & layouts, plan views of fort layouts to scale. (REI) £15 110gms


195 Contributions to Technology of Foreign Rifled Ordnance c1864. by Brig.-Gen

Lefroy . 18pp, 17 tables, 8 plates with cross section drawings of ammunition and

fuzes . (RAI) £10. 110gms


196 Foreign Attempts at making Rifles of Smaller Calibre c1889. by Major Maclintock

R.A. 32pp, 7 plates of 14 illustrations of ammunition with cross section drawings

. (RAI) £10 100gms


197 Coast Railways and Railway Artillery & Wright’s Artillery Railway and Gun

Carriage c1865. by Lt. Walker & T .Wright. 15pp, 5 plates (2 fold out) showing

detail drawings of Armoured train, (RUSI) £10. 100gms


198 Foreign Armour Experiments and Bombardment of the Forts of Alexandria. C1884, by Capt. C.Orde Browne R.A., 18pp, 8 plates with 72 illustrations of armour plate and ammunition. (RAI) £10. 80gms


199 Artillery Experiments at Okehampton c1875. by Major F.Lyon R.A. 35pp with 32

tables. (RAI) £10. 80gms


200 Some Aspects of Coast Defence c1894. by Lt.Col . Jocelyn R.A. 30pp, 4 plates with 24 illustrations. £10. 100gms.


201 Description of the principles of a system of sighting as applied to telescopes and to

service sights of the present day (1877) by Capt. L.K.Scott , R.E. 19pp, 14 plates, 5

fold out, with graphs, detailed drawings of sights and fixings to ordnance. (REI) £15.



202 Fortress Warfare c1877. by Lt. Col. Schaw , R.E. 21pp (REI) £5. 100gms


203 The Ignition of Charges of Powder in Ordnance c1856. 42pp, 30 illustrations in text giving details of: the common tube, friction tube, the wooden fuze , Captain Boxers

Fuze , Major Olphert’s Fuze , Capt. Bormann’s Fuze , and others .(CUSJ) £10. 90gms.


204 Military Bridging c1854., 24pp, 18 plates with drawings of pontoons & wagon,

bridg construction of Blanshard’s Larger Bridge, knots, boat, raft, scale drawing of

pontoon wagon. Taken from Aide- Memoire to the Military Sciences 3 rd Ed (REI)

£10. 120gms.


205 New Design for Breech-Loading Cannon c1870, Steenstrup’s Conical Screw &

Breech-Loading Cannon by P.Jensey / Stuart’s Breech-Loading Cannon by Capt.

G.Stuart . 18pp, 8 plates showing 13 illustrations of Barrel and fittings to scale (RUSI)

£10. 120gms.


206 The New French Rifle c1876. by Captain R.A.E.Livesay , R.E..12pp, 5 plates, 1 fold out showing changes in design (RUSI) £5. 90gms.


207 Gun Trials in China 1909. by Captain T.C.Leah , R.G.A.. 20pp with 13 photos of 28 calibre Vickers, Krupp & Schneider Gun, Limber & wagons, Mule team carrying

mountain gun (RAI) £10. 90gms.


208 Gun Cotton: An introduction to its properties and History of the substance c1864 by

Major F.Miller , V.C. 24pp (RAI) £5. 100gms.


209 New Austrian, German & Russian Q.F. Guns c1905. by Lt. Col. Bethell , R.F.A.

25pp, 9 illustrations in text to scale drawings of new artillery carriges (RAI) £10 110gms


210 Coast Defence by means of Curved Fire c1888. by Major J.C.Dalton R,A., 12pp, 3 plates of scale drawings showing : 12-Inch Rifles Howitzer, 6-Inch Rifled Howitzer

( on improved carriage) 6-Inch Rifled Howitzer. (RAI) £5. 70gms.


211 Range and Position Finding Past and Present c1881 by Capt. H.Watkin , R.A. 26pp, 8 plates , 16 illustrations in text. Detailed construction drawings of Guthries Range-Finder and Infantry telemeter, Capt. Post’s Magometer , Goulier Telemeter, Watkin RangeFinder, Bell’s Hydroscope, Watkins Depression Range Finder. £10. 100gms( RUSI)


212 Principles of Defence 1849 by Major Portlock , R.E. 38pp 1 illustration, 26 tables.

£10. 80gms (REI)

213 Design for a new Russian Field Gun c1877. by Capt. Paskevitch and Col. Engelhardt 26pp, 7 plates (2 fold out with barrel and carriage detailed drawings with measurements) 17 tables. £10. 100gms (RUSI)


214 The Use of Torpedoes in War c1885 by Comm. E.F. Gallwey R.N., 26pp 10 plates (3 detailed fold out) showing scale dawings of various types of Locomotive Torpedo’s, First Class Torpedo Boat, Torpedo Cruiser, Whitehead Fort firing torpedoes, section of H.M.S. Polyphemus , tube for an Ironclad, torprdo hunter £15. 110gms (RUSI)


215 A mode of Constructing Cannon whereby the strain produced by firing is distributed throughout the mass of metal. c 1858 by Capt. T.A.Blakely R.A. 34pp, 14 illustrations, 1 fold out. £10. 90gms (RUSI)


216 Notes on the Lee- Metford Rifle ( MkII ) 1895 by Major C.B. Mayne R.E, and Capt. C.F.Close R.E.. 17pp £5 80gms (RUSI)


217 Modern Gunpowder and Cordite c1893 by Lt. Col. F.W. Barker R.A. 24pp, 5

illustrations , 4 tables £5. 70gms (RAI)


218 Extracts from a report on effects of firing Heavy Ordnance from Casemate-

Embrasures 1859 by Brevet Brigadier-General J.G.Totten , 34pp, 3 fold out plates. £10 110gms (REI)


219 Two Large English Cannon of 15 th Cent. At Mont S.Michel , Normandy 1864 by

Brig.-Gen. Lefroy R.A. 15pp, 2 fold out plates with 14 illustrations to scale with

measurements . £10, 90gms. (RAI)


220 The Tactics of Coast Defence c1889 by Lt. Col. Walford . 58pp. £10. 120gms



221 Machine Guns: their tactics and equipment c1887 by Lt. G.E.Benson , R.A.. 36pp, 3 plates showing Machine Guns for Infantry, Cavalry and detailed drawing of Nordenfelt Machine Gun for Artillery (side and plan view to scale) £10. 100gms (RUSI)


222 Remarks on Fortification with especial reference to rifled weapons 1860. by Capt.

H.Tyker R.E. 23pp, 4 fold out plates (REI) £10. 130gms


223 The French Field Gun c1889 by Captain J.F.Maniford & Captain Beckerhinn . 13pp, 6 plates 1 fold out, with 11 illustrations of new design, breech (RAI) £ 5 100gms


224 The Military and Naval Use of very large shells and the comparative powers of

shells in relation to diameter 1858. by Robert Mallet. 45pp, 10 illustrations in text, 1

fold out plates (RUSI) £10 100gms.


225 Mountain Artillery c1854. by Lt. Col. Colquhoun, R.A. 11pp 6 plates of 12pd

Mountain Howitzer, Pack saddles, carriage & Howitzer carried on mule. Taken from

Aide- Memoire to the Military Sciences 3 rd Ed (REI) £10. 80gms


226 Magazine Rifles, their development and effects c1892. by Captain W.H.James R.E. 28pp, 8 plates, 3 fold out, showing ammunition, in clips, section drawings of 3 types of rifles . (RUSI) £10 100gms

227 Practice of garrison Artillery over sea ranges c1889. by Major A.B.Stoppard R.A

17pp 21 illustrations in text (RAI) £10 80gms


228 Pack Maxim Guns for use of Cavalry c1911. by Captian Williams, 9pp, 9 B & W

photos of equipment being carried, appendix of plates taken from 1901 0.303 Maxim

Gun Handbook (CJ) £10. 100gms


229 The Pneumatic Dynamite Torpedo Gun c1888. by Lt. A.H. Wolley-Dod R.A. & Lt.Wray R.H.A., 17pp 2 plates of 6 drawings of detail of cross section of tues /barrels, 5 illustrations in text (RAI) £5 90gms


230 Field Glasses and Optical Aids for Military Purposes c1902. various authors, 31pp

14 illustrations in text (RAI) £5 80gms


231 List of Armoured Ships of newer type belonging to foreign navies 1880, 27pp

(RUSI) £5 110gms


232 The present state of the question of fortification 1866, by Capt. H.Schaw , R.E. 21pp (RUSI) £5 90gms


233 Revolving system of sighting guns 1884, by Major L.K.Scott R.E., 24pp, 4 fold out plates with detailed drawings, 4 illustrations in text. (RAI) £10 130gms.


234 Fortifications in Savage Warfare 1895, by Major W.D. Conner, R.E., 26pp, 9 plates of which 6 are fold out, detailed scale maps and plans with side views of various

construction of Fortifications 1855-1895. (REI) £15. 110gms.


235 Ironclads , Present and future 1870, by Charles FHenwood , 26pp, 4 pages of Plates showing cross section views of construction of various ships bulkheads. (RUSI) £10 90gms.


236 Personal reminiscences of the evolution of Small Arms 1863-1898, by Lt. Col. W

.N. Lockyer R.A. 32pp. (RUSI) £5 80gms


237 Mount -Storms System of Breech-Loading 1864, by Mr. F.A. Braendlin , 15pp, 18

detailed illustrations showing rifle breech system with that of Westley Richards,

Terry’s, and Greens. Also 9pd Field Gun. (RUSI) £10. 90gms


238 Provisional Fortification 1882, by Lt. C.S.Clarke , R.E. in 2 parts, 17pp, 12 plates

( fold out) with detailed scale plans & cross section drawings of various Fortifications & Redoubt’s . (REI) £15. 160gms.

239 Accuracy of Artillery Fire 1887, by Major G.Mackinlay , R.A. 52pp, 12 plates with 17 illustrations . (RUSI) £10 140gms


240 Proposed alterations in our Military Dress, Arms 1851, by Lt.Col . E.Napier , 28pp, 2 full figure drawings of uniforms. (CUSJ) £10, 80gms


241 Notes on the Swiss Artillery 1889-1903, various authors, 23pp, 5 illustrations

/ photos( RAI) £5 70gms


242 The Defence of Portsmouth 1860 by Col. S.Adair , 28pp 1 map (RUSI) £10 80gms.


243 The Austrian R.B.L. (15cm) 6-Inch Siege Gun of Bronze-Steel 1877 by Major

J.F.Owen , R.A. 10pp, 9 tables, 3 drawings in text, 4 plates. (RAI) £5. 80gms


244 Barracks c1862, by Lt. Col. T.B. Collingson R.E. 20pp, 4 fold out plans of

elevations to scale of Artillery,Cavalry,Infantry Barrack layouts.(RUSI) £10.120gm


245 Development of Artillery Missiles during 1870. by Capt. C.O. Browine , R.A. 20pp, 11 drawings in text. (RAI) £5 90gms


246 The Dress and Accoutrements of the Infantry of the Line c1864, by Major Lynden Bell, 11pp ,9 plates with 21 illustrations of equipment & uniforms.(RUSI) £5. 90gms


247 Notes on Mountain Artillery c1888. by various authors, 19pp, 7 illustrations in

text . (RAI) £5. 90gms


248 The Defence of London c1860. by Colonel Shaft Adair. 20pp 1 fold out map.

(RUSI) £5. 100gms


249 Notes on the Comparatice Penetration of shot and shell from rifles and smooth –

bore Ordnance into a natural and man made earthworks c1865. by Capt. W.S

Boileau R.E. 20pp, 4 fold out plates+1 other showing detailed layouts (RUSI )£ 10.



250 Ships versus Forts c1889. by Captain T.S.Jackson R.N. 40pp, 6 maps.(REI) £10.




251 Experimental Firing with 6- cm( 2.36 In) Q.F. Guns at the Krupp Works,German c1893 . 16pp inc. 3 Tables (RUSI) £5 80gms


252 Notes on Armour Plates & their behaviour under fire c1894 by Capt. Tresidder R.E. 36pp, 10 illustrations in text,2 plates (RUSI) £10 90gms


253 Quick Firing Field Equipment on the Continent c1899 by Capt. L.R. Keyon /The Service of Quick-Firing Guns in Cost Defence by Capt. G.Tyacke R.A., 22pp, 8 illustrations in text (RAI) £10 100gms


254 Recent Theories of the Organizations of Fortified Places c1888, by Lt. Col. J.H.G Browne, R.A. 15pp (RAI) £ 5 80gms


255 The Place and use of Torpedo-Boats in War c1892 by W.Laird , 32pp (RUSI) £80gms


256 The Design of Soldiers Barracksc1895, by Major Scott- Moncrieff , R.E. 12pp, 11 fold-out scale drawings (REI ) £ 15140gms


257 Naval Great Guns and Gunnery c1875, by John Scott Russell, 19pp, 6 illustrations in text (RUSI) £5 90gms


258 Repeating Rifles, A short account of those of France,Norway Austria and Switzerland c1878, by Lt. W.H.James R.E. (RUSI) £5 60gms


259 The Shooting of our Coast Artillery and How to improve it c1899, by Major –General J.F.Owen , R.A. (RAI) £ 10 70gms


260 The Accuracy of our Service Field Range Finders c1887, by Major A.W.White R.A. 18pp, 10 illustrations in text (RUSI) £ 10 80gms


261 Fortification Vs Forts 1863 by Col. C.Owen , C.B. and Captain J.J.Wilson , 34pp(REI) £5. 70gms


262 Recent Inventions in Gunpowder 1889 by W.H.Deering , 21pp (RUSI) £5 90gms


263 The Equipment and Transport of Modern Armies 1888 by Colonel H.M.Hozie 24pp ( RUSI) £5. 60gms


264 Pointed Bullets by Captain J.H.Hardcastle /The New German Rifle Bullet 1907 20pp, 4 B & W photos, 11 B & W ill. In text. (RAI) £10. 90gms


265 The Defence (Land) of Coast Defence 1904 by Colonel R.F. Johnson R.A., 16pp (RAI) £5. 80gms


266 The Macomber Gun 1874 by D.O.Macomber , 17pp, 1 plate .( RUSI) £10 . 60gms


267 Searchlights in the Field 1910, 19pp. (RAI) £10. 90gms


268 The Materials & Structure of Rifle Cannon 1865 by John Anderson, 20pp, 4 plates ,( RUSI) £10. 70gms


269 Tents: from their earliest period to the present day 1860 by Godfrey Rhodes & George Truner , 36pp, 2 plates, 16 illustrations in text. (RUSI) £10. 90gms


270 The Mode of determing the accuracy of Artillery 1860 by Prof. W.Pole . 14pp, 5 illustrations in text ( RUSI) £5. 70gms.


271 The Shako: its History and use by the British Army 1800-1878, by Brevet-Major H.Fitzm-Stacke , M.C. pub 1931. 16pp, 13 illustrations in text, 8 plates with 22 illustrations of various view of design of shako used in the British Army with source of design, various measurements, plume colour, cap lines, worn at which battles. (RUSI) £10. 100gms

272 Coast fortresses during the American war of independence by Col. W.R.W.Jame , R.A. pub 1914 26pp, 4 detailed maps £10 (RUSI) 70gms


273 The Motion of Projectiles fired from rifled ordnance 1862 by Major C.H.Owe R.A. 26pp, 9 illustrations in text, 5 tables, 3 plates showing 9 designs of projectiles for rifled ordnance £10 (RUSI) 70gms


274 The Shield Protection for troops in the field 1900 by Captain A.D. Furse , 18pp, 6 plates of designs £5 (RUSI) 80gms

275 Palliser’s (Chilled) Shot and shells/shells for Rifles Field Guns 1868 by Captain V.D. Majendie R.A., 16pp, 5 illustrations in text £10 (RAI) 80gms


276 The study in field engineering :the Battle of Woerth by Captain R.Da Casta Porter R.E. 24pp, 2 fold out maps pub.1895 £10 (REI) 80gms


277 The Guns and Cail’s Rifled Projectiles 1865 by R.Cail , 9pp, 5 plates with 1 illustrations of bore, ammunition etc. £10 (RUSI) 70gm


278 Thoughts on Coast Defence suggested by the Boer War 1901 by various authors 1899 £5 (RAI) 90gms


279 Experiments at Bucharest 1886 by Major O’Callagham R.A., & Captain G.S.Clarke , R.E. 40pp, 11 plates of German cupola, French turret, effects of firing on cupola, turret etc. Detailed position of shot. £10 (RAI) 90gms


280 The adoption of the single barrel Machine Gun for land service 1885 by Major West 26pp 4 plates with 6 illustrations of animal harness, single barrel machinegun mounted on limber, detail of fixings/A Machine-Gun Battery and its equipment by Capt Benson, details of its employment, equipment, strength of manpower and horses.£10 (RUSI) 80gm


281The different systems of signalling in the field 1893 by Col. F.G.Keyser C.B. 23pp ( RUSI) £5 70gm


282 The present knapsack and accoutrements of the infantry soldier 1860 by Capt. W.C. Maclean , 11pp, 5 plates, with 9 illustrations/ How ought Volunteer Rifle Corps to be accoutred c1860 by Capt. J.M. Carter, 8pp, 4 plates, 10 illustratins of equipment, straps, pack. (RUSI) £10 90gm


283 The proposed plan for working Heaviest ordnance on board armour- plated ships and in fortifications, with complete protection for the men c1864 by Capt. E.A. Inglefield 18pp, 1 fold out plate with 4 illustrations (RUSI) £10. 90gms


284 The Magazine Rifle of 6.5 Calibre 1893 by Capt. Of Artillery J. Franenkel13pp, 7 plates, 1 fold out, 18 illustrations (RUSI) £10 100gms


285 American Navy: its orgnization , ships, armament and recent experiences c1868 by John. R.Hamilton , 30pp, 7 plates inc 4 maps, illustrations of Morta , Monitor turret, Irondclad Tennessee . (RUSI) £10 100gms


286 Field Glasses and Telescopes 1902 by Lt. Col. T.V.W.Phillips , 28pp( RAI) £5 70gms


287 Heavy Artillery 1903 by Lt. Col. C.E. Callwell & Col. H.C.C.D.Simpson 28pp (RAI ) £ 5 80gms


288 Notes on Bridging 1894 by Major F.J.Aylmer V.C., 16pp,11 plates 1 fold out, 16 illustrations, in text (REI) £15 120gms


289 Intrenching Tools 1880 by Lt. Col. G.Upton Prior, 13pp, 4 plates, 14 illustrations. (RUSI) £10 70gms


290 A Motor Field Battery/Engine Traction for Artillery 1900 by Major H.A.Bethell / Engine Traction for Artillery by Lt. Col. Johnson, 16pp, 3 plates 2 fold out. (RAI) £10 100gms


291 Italian Coast Defence Ordnance from 1855-1888 , 15pp , 6 tables (RUSI) £5 50gms


292 A method of Manoeuvring controllable Torpedoes 1894 by Lt. C.W.Sleeman , R.N., 18pp, 7 tables (RUSI) £10 80gms

293 Comparison of the French and German Systems of Fortifications 1859 15pp (REI) £15 80gms


294 The field artillery of principal euro armies 1849 47pp, 7 tables (CUSJ) £10 110gms


295 Coast fortresses during the Napoleonic war 1803-05 by Col. W.R.James pub 1913 32pp (RUSI) £10 80gms


296 Iron shield experiment 1870 by Lt. Col. Inglis R.E. 15pp, 5 plates with 11 illustratons . (REI) £10 90gms


297 Notes upon narrow-gauge rolling stock 1883 by Major J.R.Hogg R.E., 7pp, 5 plates , 4 fold out on 18-inch gauge locomotive, 18-inch gauge locomotive constructied at the Vulcan works ,Chatham Defence works truck, 18-inch gauge bogie wagon, 18-inch gauge rail carriage for transport of convicts. (REI) £ 10 80gms


298 Notes on armoured plated turrets, commonly called cupolas c1864 by Capt. E.Harding Stewartg R.E., 10pp, 10 plates, 5 fold out showing Erigsson cupola, Coles cupola, turret of Royal Sovereign, 10 ½-Inch Gun and Carrige , cupola applied to the Salient of a fort, to a sea fort, plan & side view. (REI) £10 90gms


299 Hutting made by the board of officers assembled in the Crimean c1858 by Capt. Binney R.E., 16pp, 6 plates, 3 fold out showing the Gloucester soldiers hut, soldiers hut constructed by the Saedinan Army, Hospital Hut. (REI) 100gms


300 Portsmouth Fortifications & Dockyards 1862, 24pp (CUSJ) £10 70gms

301 Field Gun of the Future 1893 by Major E.Lambart, R.A..16pp(RUSI).£5 70gms

302 Rifles and Rifling c1873 by Captain J.B.O’Hea, 19pp, 2 plates, 1 fold out with 19 illustrations. (RUSI) £10 70gms


303 Notes on the Royal Arsenal, the cradle of the Regiment 1935 by Col. O.F.G.Hogg, R.A., 23pp, 6 B £ W Plates, 3 maps. (RAI) £10 80gms


304 Transport of troops in the U. K. 1890 by Lt.Col.G.Findlay, 26pp. £5 110gms


305 Field Artillery 1889 by Major General C.B.Brackenbury R.A. 25pp, 2 plates, fold out (REI) £10 80gms

306 The future of the Torpedo 1897 by Vice-Admiral P.H.Colomb, 25pp (RUSI) £5 70gms


307 Quick-Firing and Machine Guns 1888 by T.Nordenfelt, 11pp, 10 plates fold out including 3pd Automatic QF plans, box mechanism, 6pd, 14pd plans and ammunition, 57mm Nordenfelt Gun in disappearing turret.REI) £15 120gms


308 Balloons in War/Balloons for Field Artillery 1906 by Major C.B.Levita & Col. J.E.Capper, 24pp, 3 illustrations in text.(RAI) £10 70gms


309 History of Cannon 1849 by Louis Bonaparte, 16pp (CUSJ) £5 80gms

310 Trials of Shell-Proof and Bonb-proof shelters 1879 by Jos Ceipek, 11pp, 11 plates with 13 detailed illustrations including dimensions (REI) £10 80gms


311 Improvements of the Rifle as a weapon c1858 by Lt.Col. Fox 41pp, 5 plates with 22 illustrations (RUSI) £5 110gms


312 Hydraulic Gun Mountings of French Ships 1895 by T.J.Haddy, 26pp, 14 illustrations in text, 5 fold out plates (RUSI) £15 130gms


313 Army Signalling and its use in War 1897 Lt-Col. Kennedy 30pp (RUSI) £10 60gms


314 Fast Cruizers 1888 by Sir E.J.Reed, 21pp, 2 figs in text, 2 tables (RUSI)£10 80gms

315 Notes on the Defence of a Modern Fortress 1890 by Lt. Col. Walford R.A. 20pp, diagram of defence of Paris. (RUSI) £10 80gms


316 Prospect for a twin gun balance for firing en barabet 1868 by Lt. J.R.Hogg R.E. 9pp, 4 fold out plates with detailed scale plans of gun, carriage, emplacement, parapet, with sections (REI) £10 80gms


317 Bridging in the peninsular war pub 1897, by Capt. G.I.F.West, R.E. 14pp, 2 fold out plates with 13 detailed illustrations of bridging equipment (REI) £15 80gms


318 The Pneumatic Dynamite Gun firing high explosive 1885/Notes on the U.S. Dynamite Gun Cruiser “Vesuvius” by Capt. Fox/The Graydon Dynamite Projector by Lt-Col. Loraine, 15pp, 4 illustrations in text (RUSI) £10 70gms

319 The Permanent Way of Railways 1899 by James C.Inglis, 19pp, 11 illustrations in text, 5 B & W fold out plates (REI) £10 70gms


320 Modern Military Rifles c1905 by Major, The Hon Fremantle, 32pp £10 80gms

321 The emperor Louis napoleon’s new system of Field Artillery 1855, 18pp, 8 tables (CUSJ) £5 50gms


322 Machine Guns with Cavalry 1894 by Capt. W.A.Thomson,24pp (RUSI) £10 70gms


323 Military Notes round Plevna and on the Danude 1877 by Lt. F.Welch, 22pp, 9 plates with 10 illustrations, plans (RUSI) £15 70gms


324 The Japanese Field and Mountain Artillery 1904 by Capt.Vincent,/Russian and Japanese Field Guns, Notes on recent changes in the Jpanese Field Artillery manuals by Capt. Calthrop. 21pp (RAI) £5 60gms


325 Fortification and its tactical application 1904, by Captain H.F.Thuiller 28pp (REI) £10 70gms


326 Protection of Warships against torpedoes, Mines & underwater hits 1902 by Baron Roenne 32pp, 12 illustrations in text. £10 90gms


327 Coast Defence from and Imperial Standpoint 1904 by Colonel E.W.Cotter 23pp 3 figs in text. £5 60gms


328 The Russian Mountain Artillery 1886 by Major J.C.Dalton 3pp,1 fold out plate with carriage, horse team, marness, ammunition & boxes. RAI) £10 50gms

329 Notes on the evolution of uniform 1660-1822 by D.Hastings-Irwin, pub 1915 ,26pp .£10 60gms

330 Coast Artillery in action by Lt.-Col. J.R.J.Jocelyn R.A. 23pp,4 illustrations in text (RAI) £10 50gms


331 The influence of Breech-loading arms on tactics and on the supply of Ammunition in the field c1878 by Col. E.Clive 50pp £10 100gms


332 The systems of mounting and placing guns on board ships of the Royal Navy 1893 by H.O.Arnold-Foster, 22pp £10 90gms


333 Wireless Telegraphy 1898 by Capt. J.N.C. Kennedy R.E. 18pp, 8 illustrations £10 80gms

334 A new system of throwing high explosive 1897 by Hudson Maxim, 18pp 15 plates with 34 illustrations £10 100gms


335 Saddles 1892 by Lt. Col. The Hon H.G.L. Crichton, 34pp 22 illustrations £10 90gms


336 The Draught of Military Carriages 1890 by Col. Hobart, 25pp £5 60gms


337 Armour-plate trials at Pola, Austria 1894, 4pp 6 plates £10 50gms


338 Shot-proof Gun-Shields as adapted to Iron-cased ships 1860 by Captain C.P. Coles R.N., 9pp, 4 plates , 2 fold out . £10 70gms


339 A system of Air Torpedoes 1885 by F.A.Coner, 18pp, 5 plates, 1 fold out. £10 70gms


340 Modern Military Rifles and fire tactics 1888 by Col. C.G. Slade ,20pp £10 50gms


341 Military Ballooning in the British Army 1902 by Col. C.M.Watson 21pp (REI) £5 50gms


342 Modern artillery as exhibited at Paris 1867 by Lt.-Col. C.H.Owwn R.A., 15pp, 6 plates with 10 illustration £10 60gms


343 Notes on Britsh Military Uniforms to 1918 various authors, 28pp, 1 plates by R.Simkin. £10 70gms


344 The rifle and the rampart or the future of defence 1864 by Captain H.W. Tyler R.E., 33pp, 11 plates, 3 fold out with 28 illustrations. £10 120gms

345 The Dashiell gun 1894, 3pp 6 plates. £10 40gms


346 The Defence of Plevna 1896 by W.V.Herbert, 24pp (REI) £10 50gms


347 The Naval Attack of a Fortress 1877 by Commander C.Bridge R.N. 20pp (REI) £10 50gms


348 Reports upon concrete revetmonts at Newhaven fort by Lt. Ardagh R.E. 7pp, 1 map, 4 plates with 9 illustrations (REI) £5 50gms


349 The Armstrong and Whitworth guns 1860 26pp (CUSJ) £10 60gms

350 Railways for military communications in the field 1882 by Col. J.P. Maquay R.E. 24pp, 14 plates with 38 illustrations (REI) £10 75gms


351 Mounting of Twelve 12-Ton Guns at Malta 1870 by 10 th Brigade R.A. 6pp, 6 fold out plans showing method/layout of instullation. (RAI) £10 70gms


352 The relation between local Fortifications and the Navy by Rear-Admiral P.H.Colombe 54pp £10 100gms


353 The Moncrieff System and casemates 1868 25pp 1 illustration in text (CUSJ) £10 60gms


354 Description of the Russian fortifications at bomarsund 1854 34pp, 3 fold out plates with 21 illustrations of Fortifications (REI) £10 90gms

355 The improvement of our artillery/some artilleries of Europe 1863 24pp (CUSJ) £10 60gms


356 Covered Wagons of all sizes and capacities for moving stores 1878 7pp,7 tables (2 fold out), 5 fold out plates showing wagons of all sizes & types (REI) £10 100gms


357 The History and present position of the field howitzer 1892 byCapt. J.Ganne,30pp £10 70gms


358 Officers Shoulder-Belt Plates 1902 by S.M.Milne, 9pp,9 illustrations in text £10 40gms


359 Mitrailleuses/The Gatling Gun 1871 by Capt. Rodges,27pp, 1 illustration in text (CUSJ) £5 60gms

360 The Long Range Gun 1918 by Major J.Maitland-addison 14pp, 5 fold out plates showing Air resistance to projectile, Comparison of Trajectories,Long rage German Gun,scale drawing of shell fired on Paris,Design of New Long range gun. (RAI) £10 90gms


361 Smokless Powders of Nitro-Glycerine Type 1898 by T.J.Haddy, R.N. 17pp, (RUSI)  £10 75gms

362 Lessons from the Hotspur-Glatton experiment 1873by N.Barnaby, 31pp, 2 plates, 2  fold out (RUSI) £10 80gms


363 Remarks on Capt. Nolan’s Range-Finding Apparatus 1871 . 10pp, 2 plates, 4

illustrations (RAI) £10 50gms


364 On Centralisation to the manufacture of War Material 1874 by Capt. C.C.Saxton

, R.A. 18pp (RAI) £10 55gms

365 Ranging a Battery 1892 by Lt.Col. Anderson R.A., 12pp (RAI) £5 60gms


366 Description of Experimental hydraulic field carriage for the 12pd gun 1884 by Capt  W.J. Clarke R.A. 6pp, 6 plates (RAI) £10 55gms


367 Floating Batteries 1858 by Capt. Fishbourne, R.N. 12pp, 3 drawings in text (RAI) £10   60gms


368 The defence on the land front of a coast fortress 1911 by Lt.Col. H.De.T.Phillips

R.G.A. 14pp, 4 fold out plates. (RAI) £10 90gms


369 Brief Sketch of the Gunpowder Works of Bengal 1884by Major-General F.W.Stubbs  R.A. 14pp, 1 map.(RAI) £10 50gms


370 Artillery mobilisation 1894 by Major F.C.Stone R.A. 35pp (RAI) £10 80gms


371 The Personnel for Submarine Mining 1887 by Lt.Col.Bucknill R.E. 34pp (RUSI) £10   80gms

372 The Training of Garrison Artillery for the attack /defence of Fortress 1882 by Lt.Col  Baylay & Smyth 28pp (RAI) £10 70gms


373 The Weldon Range-Finder 1879 by various authors. 38pp, 27 illustrations in text

(RAI) £10 90gms


374 The Rifle and the spade or the future of field operations 1860 by Capt. Tyler R.E.

25pp, 4 illustrations (RUSI) £10 70gms


375 Notes on Field Artillery 1882 by Captain S.C. Pratt 18pp (RAI) £10 50gms


376 Universal Projectiles 1911 by Col. H.A.Bethell, R.F.A.,10pp, 10 plates (RAI) ) £15  70gms


377 Steering steam and other vessels 1863 by Comm. Warren, R.N. 14 pp, 9 plates

(RUSI) £10 60gms


378 The Establishment and organisation of an Arsenal 1872 by Lt. E.H.H. Collen R.A., 21pp (RAI) £10 50gms


379 The future Armament of our field artillery 1871 by Lt. C.Jones R.A. 21pp (RAI) £10  50gms


380 Musing of an engineering officer 1849, 32pp, 3 illustrations in text (CUSJ) £10 70gms

381 Manufacture of Palliser Projectiles,common shell etc.for 9pd RML Gun 1874 by

Major W.R. Barlow R.A. 15pp, 1 graph (RAI) £10 70gms


382 Automatic Sighting 1898,various authors 44pp,18 illustrations (RAI) £15 90gms


383 Coast Defence against torpedo-boat attack by Major-General Richardson/T.B’s raids on harbours by Lt. Vereker 1894 24pp 6 illustrations (RAI) £10 60gms


384 The Lydd Experiments 1882-83 by Col. F.G. Baylay R.A. 28pp (RAI) £10 60gms


385 The New Military Rifle by W.L.Clowes/modern rifle fire by Major Macartney 1894 20pp (CUSJ) £10 60gms


386 Historical Notes connected with the Royal Regiment of Artillery 1869 by Capt.

Colomb R.A. 22pp (RAI) £10 60gms


387 The Martini-Henry Rifle/Progress of Martini Henry Rifle 1869 26pp CUSJ £10 70gms


388 The Determination of Range Tables for Rifled Ordnance 1863 by Col. Lefroy/ Method

of compiling a Range Table 1885 by Comm. May 32pp 1 graph (RAI) ) £15 80gms


389 Artillery Positions and screening guns 1897 by Capt. C.D.Guinness R.A. 36pp 4 fold out plates (RAI) ) £15 110gms


390 Wireless Telegraphy & its Military Possibilities 1898 by Capt. W.P. Brett, R.E. 22pp,

3 plates (RAI) £10 70gms


391 Notes on Ordnance exhibited in the Russian National Exhibition at Moscow 1882 bCapt. J.C.Dalton, R.A. 6pp, 9 plates (RAI) £10 70gms


392 The accurate firing of Naval Ordnance by means of vessels motion 1873 by

H.Bessemer 14pp, 6 plates (RUSI) £10 70gms


393 Swords ancient and modern/Sword exercises 1872 , 22pp .CUSJ £5 60g

394 Recent experiments regarding the bursting of heavy guns 1879 by Capt. Orde

Browne, 22pp 4 fold out plates (RAI) ) £15 80gms

395 Cyclists at Volunteer Manoeuvres 1886 by Lt-Col. E.Kensington R.A. 18pp, 3 plates  1 map, (RAI) £10 70gms


396 Our siege artillery, its training ,lessons from Port Arthur 1902 various authors 31pp (RAI) £10 70gms


397 The Attack of entrenchments by field artillery 1879 by Major Kemmis 20pp, 6 plates , 1 fold out (RAI) £10 80gms


398 Notes on handling Artillery in the field with regards to supply of ammunition by Lt- Col.N.L.Walford, R.A. by Lt-Col. N.L. Walford R.A. 20pp. 1890 (RAI) £10 60gms

399 A proposed method of mounting heavy ordnance at sea 1873 by Lt-Col. A.Strange, 22pp (RUSI) £10 60gms


400 Our Service Small-Arms: Their manufacture & Repair 1874 by Major F.S.Stoney,

R.A. 18pp, 5 plates, 6 illustrations in text (RAI) £10 60gms


401 Visual Signalling 1896 by Dr. Ph.F.Wachter. 16pp, 9 plates, 1 fold out showing various lamps and equipment. £10


402 Carriages for elevation and depressing guns about imaginary axes in their muzzles

1864 by Capt. Inglis R.E., 4pp, 4 plates, 3 fold out (REI) £10


403 The lance as a cavalry weapon 1904 by Lt.Col. C.B.Mayne, R.E. 23pp £5


404 Improvements in Small Arms and Artillery 1864. 37pp (CUSJ) £5


405 Screen batteries 1869 . 12pp, 2 plates fold out of layouts (REI) £10


406 Additions to the Barracks at Forton to accommodate the Portsmouth Division of the Royal Marines,1852 by Cat. James R.E. 5pp, 6 fold out plans of buildings (REI) £10

407 A Chapter on Projectiles 1852 30pp (CUSJ) £5

408 The Defence /Forts of Jersey 1836 13pp, 1 map .(CUSJ) £10 60gms


409 The Capabilities of Private firms to manufacture Heavy Ordnance for Her Majesty’s service c1885 by W.Anderson. 24pp £10


410 A few notes on the history of British Army costume 1866. 30pp (CUSJ) £10


411 The Origin of Gunpowder as a projectile force in warfare c1852. 36pp (CUSJ) £5

412 Field Engineering for Home Defence 1900 by Capt. Sorsbie,R.E. 18pp (CUSJ) £10


413 The Infantry sword exercise of 1895 by A.Hutton.26pp (CUSJ) £10


414 Rifle cartridges, with observations on rifle practice 1831 by Col. Macerone,15pp plate in text of cartridge manufacture (CUSJ) £10


415 Suggestions as to the use of machine guns in the field , in combination with infantry c1887 by Major Anderson, R.A. 6pp, 1 map. £10


416 Drawbridges 1848 3pp, 5 fold out detailed plans (REI) £10 60gms


417 Batteries for the defence of coasts, and the adaptation of Gun Carriages to them c1855 by Major-General Yule. 10pp, 15 plates (REI) £10  60gms

418 Fortifications in iron 1863 by Capt. Du Cane, R.E. 12pp. 11plates (REI) £10 60gms


419 Construction and application of valted revents 1862 by Col. Nelson.R.E. 12pp,6plates, 2 fold out of designs (REI) £10


420 The most powerful Ironclad 1879 by Rear-Admiral Selwyn. 20pp £5


421 Fortifications and the defence of the kingdom 1868. 24pp (CUSJ) £10   60gms


422 The value of Artillery in the Field 1889. by Major-General Owen R.A. 40pp £5


423 Notes on some of the Huts & other forms of temporary shelter used in the late war of 1870-71 by Lt. Fraser, R.E.. 5pp, 16 plates (REI) £15

424 Increased power of breeching to be obtained by the use of rifled ordnance 1861 by Gen, Sir, J.Burgoyne. 7pp. 4 plates , 1 fold out (REI) £10

425 Revolving loophole constructed of metal 1856 by Mr. Hanlon. 5pp, 6 plates with 10 detailed illustrations (REI) £10

426 Latest improvements in guns and armour 1912. 22pp, 2 plates £10  50gms


427 The use of Field Works in War 1894 by Lt-Gen, Sir,R.Harrison. 17pp (CUSJ) £10


428 Defensive reform 1871 by Capt. A.Parnell. R.E. 36pp (REI) £5


429 Revolving musket proof mantlets for embracue 1856 by Q.M. J.Jones R.E. 4pp, 6

plates 2 fold out (REI) £10


430 Experiments with Grape Shot 1852 . 14pp (CUSJ) £5


431 The position of the torpedo in Naval Warfare 1888 by Capt. H.Grenfell. 25pp £10


432 A Chapter on Gun Carriages 1852. 28pp (CUSJ) £10


433 Rifle guns and missiles 1865. 15pp (CUSJ) £10

434 A few facts relative to the best system of breeching, as exemplified by the experiments carried on at Bapaume c1855. 38pp (CUSJ) £10


435 Notes on the combined use of entrenchments defended ports,& redoubts for

strengthening positions. 1870-71 by Lt.Fraser,R.E. 9pp, 15 plans,4 fold out (REI) £15


436 Remarks on effect of the armament of cannon & rifle lately adopted by the British

Army 1861 by Major C.Shaw. 20pp(CUSJ) £10


437 Observations relating to works in progress and proposed for defence of naval ports, Arsenals and Dockyards 1860 by Major Jervous. 10pp, 10 fold out detailed plates (REI) £15

438 The United States Artillery and our own 1866. 26pp, 2 fold out (CUSJ) £10 100gms

439 Suggestions for adapting fortifications to present means of attack 1862 by

Lt.Col. Graham. 13pp 2 plates fold out . (REI) £10  80gms

440 The Future of Naval Attack on Defence 1863 by Capt. Selwin, R.N. 42pp £5 90gms


441 Laggers in the Zulu War pub188, Lt Rda Costa Porter R.E. 13pp, 5 plates(2 fold out) with 14 illustrations/plates (REI) £15 80gms


442 German Long Range/Artillery Organisation pub1922 various authors 24pp, 1 illustration in text RAI £10  60gms


443 New guns versus old fortifications 1862 18pp (CUSJ) £10  70gms


444 Notes on German Shells and Fuzes c1916 by Lt. C.H.Brittan R.A., 12pp, 12 plates with 23 detailed illustrations. (RAI) £10 50gms


445 Frence fortresses and Prussian bombardmnts 1872 12pp (CUSJ) £5 50gms


446 The German Siege Howitzers/German Artillery Material c1914. by various authors, 12pp, 7 B & W plates 2 B & W illustrations (RAI) £10 70gms


447 The intrenched camp at Florisdorff 1868 by Lt. J.Nolan 7pp, 4 illustrations in text 1 pull out map (RAI) £10  50gms


448 Fuze Setters c1914 by Col. Sir H.W. Barlow C.B. 26pp, 27 detailed cross section illustrations with listing of parts etc. ,(RAI). £10 60gms


449 Remarks on Casemate batteries, their applications to Sea Defences/Coast Defence 1854 by Capt. Walford/Wilson 17pp, plates in text (RAI) £10 70gms


450 Trench Motars in the Great War/Design of a Mortar for close support c1921 various artists 29pp (RAI) £10  70gms


451 Remarks on military breech-loading rifles and ammunition 1868 by various artists, 14pp, 8 detailed illustrations in text (RAI) £10 60gms


452 British Heavy and Siege Batteries in France by Mojor A.F.Becke 1923 (RAI) £10 50gms


453 Calver’s Wave Screen Captain A.Sleight’s 1858 Floating sea barriers for the formation of Harbours etc. 24pp, 5 illustrations (CUSJ) £10   60gms


454 The Drill Regulations of the German Field Artillery 1889 by Lt.Col. Walford, 28pp, 10 plates showing troop movements £10 90gms


455 Home Defence 1901 by Capt. R.F.Sorsbiere 18pp (CUSM) £10 50gms


456 Notes on the organisation and employment of siege artillery 1877 by Capt. Walker 26pp (RAI) £10 60gms


457 The Rhine and its Fortresses 1864 16pp (CUSJ) £10  70gms


458 The application of Rifled cannon to the operation of Breaching unseen defences by high angle fire 1863 by7 Col. Lefroy 19pp, 9 illustrations in text (RAI) £10 50gms


459 Military Engineering in the sixteenth century 1848 by G.Mouchet 18pp (CUSJ) £10 70gms

460 The Bursting of a 6-inch R.B.L. Gun 1866 by Col. J.F.Owen, 14pp, 3 fold out plates (RAI) £10 80gms


461 The Rifle: the necessity for its introduction as a universal weapon 1857 by Lt.Col. Walford 16pp (CUSJ) £10 40gms

462 The Science of Gunnery 1858 by Capt. Boxer 28pp, 4 illustrations in text (RAI)£10  60gms


463 Fortifications of the Meuse/Coast Defence of Germany & France 1892 by various authours, 15pp 1 map (CUSJ) £10 70gms

464 Coast Defence 1868, 14pp (CUSJ) £10 60gms


465 Precis of Lydd Experiments Aug & Sept. 1884 by Col.Baylay 26pp,1 illus. (RAI) £10 60gms

466 Colonel Jacobs improved rifle and projectile 1857 22pp (CUSJ) £10 50gms


467 Organization of the auxiliary services in a besieged fortresses 1879 by Capt. J G.Booth,48pp £10 90gms


468 Recent experiments with heavy rifled guns in Russia 1868 15pp,3 plates with 6 illustrations, 1 fold out (RAI) £10 70gms


469 The Service Range Finders for Infantry and for reconnaissance 1894 by Major Verner 15pp (CUSJ) £10 60gms


470 Comparative Advantages of B.L.& M.L. systems for field artillery 1887 by Lt.Col. F.Miller V.C. 21pp (RAI) £10 50gms


471 Essays on Artillery 1902 by Capt. C.H.Wilson 37pp (CUSJ) £10 60gms


472 The determination of distances in the field 1861by Lt. Col. Clerk,7pp,3 fold out plates (RAI) £10 60gms


473 Experiments against wrought iron plates with the 9.2-inch B.L. Armstrong gun 1886 by Capt. Penton, 4pp,5 illustrations in text, 2 fold out (RAI) £10  50gms


474 Fortifications in an artillerstical point of view 1861 by Lt. A.Doull, 19pp, 2 maps,6 plates, 1 fold out . £10 80gms


475 Muzzle-Pivoting Gun and Carriage by Lt. Shaw 1864 ,14pp, 8 detailed plates (RAI) £10  80gms


476 The proposed American Fortifications and their influence on our colonies

in North America 1863 11pp (CUSM) £5 50gms


477 Some notes on/Long Range Guns of the French Heavy Artillery 1921 by Brig-Gen W.Evans 24pp (RAI) £10  50gms


478 The Artillery in 1870-71 from a general army point of view 1893 by Col. J.F.Maurice, 44pp, illustration (CUSM) £10 100gms


479 Results of Experiments made to the various forms of rifling 1863 by various authors 11pp, 5 plates (RAI) £10 70gms


480 The Effect of the introduction of rifled cannon on Naval Architecture 1860 by Capt. Fishbourne, R.A., 19pp, 8 illustrations in text £10 80gms


481 Fiske’s Telemetric and pointing instruments 1898 by G.Moch, 16pp, 18 illustrations in text. (RAI) £10n 80gms

482 Notes on the Gun armament of large Battleships 1909 , 19pp, 7 illustrations in text £10 60gms

483 Effects on Coast Defence of Naval Developments 1910 by various authors, 31pp,RAI £10 80gms

484 The Field Artillery and the Great Rebellion by Lt. Hime, pub 1870 20pp, 8 Ill in text RAI £10 60gms.

485 Rifle Practice in the Austrian Infantry 1872 11pp CUSJ £10 60gms

486 The Organization of Q.F. Artillery/of Field Artillery 1904 by various authors 13pp RAI £10 70gms

487 The New works of Fortification at Antwerp 1864 by various authors 15pp, 1 fold out plate REI £10 90gms

488 Comparative Advantage of B.L.& on Rifled Field Art.1868 by Lt,Col. F.Miller V.C. 21pp RAI £10 60gms

489 Naval Attack of Fortifications 1892 by Capt. H.J.May 21pp RAI £10 60gms

490 Design of A Rolling Bridge/Equilibrium drop bridge/Drawbridge 1873 by Various authors 7pp, 7 illustrations REI £10 90gms

491 Military Transport c1879 by Lt.Col. C.Parson 15pp RUSI £10

492 Coast Defences 1857 by Gen. Sir J.F.Burgoyne 4pp, 2 plates 1 fold out REI £10 50ms

493 Portable Guns/Pack Battery2.75 B.L./Pack Bt. in Mountain Warfare 1920 by various authors 29pp, 6 B & W photos RAI £10 90gms

494 Description of Elastic Pads invented by the Chevalier Angelini 6pp, 5 plates 1866 £10 60gms

495 Guns and Gunners a review upto 1815, by Lt. Col. J.H.Mitchell, pub1913 18pp RAI £10 90gms

496 Military Riding Schools 1862 by Major C.B.Ewart 1pp, 10 plates, +2 fold out plates REI, £10 80gms

497 The effect of Gun Fire on Modern Ships 1902 by various authors 34pp RAI £10 80gms

498 Iron Protection for Casemates Embrazures 1863 2pp 3 plates REI £10 60gms

499 The Necessity for Officers of all branches studying the problems involved in the defence of Coast Fortresses. 1910 by W.R.W. James 20pp RAI £10 90gms

500 Notes on the Origin, Formation, Dress of the Madras Horse Artillery 1907 by Major J.H.Leslie, 9pp, 9 plates RAI £10 80gms

501 The influence of Coast Fortresses on Naval Strategy 1912 by Lt.Col. W.R.W.James 46pp £10 100gms

502 New System of Fortifications by James Fergussion 1859 30pp RAI £10 75gms

503 The Pom Pom : its organisation and Future 1902 by various authors 11pp RAI £10 60gms

504 Supply, Care & repair of Artillery material for Canadian Milita 1878 by Capt. Montizambert 25pp RAI £10 70gms

505 Remarks on Sighting Ordnance 1859 by Capt. Haultain 12pp, 7 ill. RAI £10 70gms

506 Notes on Fuze and Projectile Designing 1906 by various authors 27pp, 13 illustrations in text RAI £10 80gms

507 Signalling and Telephony in Coast Defence/The Patton Telegraph 1904 by various authors 28pp, 5 illustrations in text RAI £10 80gms

508 Armoured Plated Railway Wagons used during the siege of Paris 1870 by Lt. Fraser, 4pp, 6 plates, REI £10 60gms

509 A New system of Limber and Ammunition Wagon 1861 by Capt. Leslie, 18pp, 3 plates in text RAI £10 50gms

510 The Value of Coast Fortresses/Landings against/role of mobile defence1907 by various authors 32pp RAI £10 90gms

511 Torpedo-Boat Destroyers 1895 by Mr. J.I.Thornycroft 15pp, 4 plates £10 70gms

512 Notes on the Defence of Charleston, South Carolina 1864 by Lt. Innes, 15pp, 1 map REI £10 60gms

513 Experiments with new Horse & Field Artillery Equipments 1906 by various authors 18pp, 3 plates RAI £10 60gms

514 The Relative importance of mobility & shell fire in Field Artillery 1888 by Capt. F.G.Stone , 27pp, 5 plates RAI £10 90gms

515 Remarks on Pontoons and suggestions on their improvement 1858 by various authors 28pp, 7 plates, 2 fold out REI £10 120gms

516 The elements of Fire Control in the Navy 1901 by De Profundis 35pp £10 90gms

517 Optical Aids & Variable Power Telescopes for Artillery Purposes 1903 by various authors 10pp, 2 plates in text RAI £10 60gms

518 Coast Defence/ Coast Defence suggested system of fighting A Battery command in Coast Defence 1896 by Capt.Lowe and Capt Sandford 20ppn RAI £10 70gms

519 Mountain Artillery Establishments, Training, personal, equipment 1886 by various authors, 45pp, 2 plates RAI £10 100gms

520 Notes on Ranging with Field and Mountain Guns 19006 by various authors 18pp RAI £10 60gms

521 Iron-Plated Scarp c1862 by Lt. Miller, R.E. 3pp, 5 plates REI  £10 50gms

522 The Guns, Gunners and Gunnery of the English Renaissance,by Maj-Gen Sir J.Headlam pub 1940, 22pp, 12 plates RAI  £10 60gms

523 Infantry Equipment pre 1854 by various authors,pub 1830-49 31pp, 5 plates (CUSJ)  £10 75gms

524 The Ship’s Chronometer, its History and Development 1890 by Henry Dent Gardner 26pp, 6 plates  £10 60gms

525 Gunpowder Buildings c1851 by Capt. Yorke R.E. 4pp, 6 plates.REI  £10 40gms

526 Royal Gun Factory/Our Armaments at Woolwich c1867, 21pp, 2 engravings £10 60gms

527 Experiments in Breeching by means of High Angle fire at Graudenz c1874, by Lt. T.Fraser, R.E. 7pp, 3 tables, 2 fold out drawings, 8 B & W photos REI  £10 80gms

528 What Happens inside the Gun and Why/The Design of Gun Barrels pub 1943 by Capt. C.J.Tranter, 22pp, 12 plates (RAI) £10  60gms

529 The Communications in a Coast Fortress c1913, 26pp (RAI) £5 70gms

530 The English Artillery in the Middle Ages by Maj-Gen.Sir J.Headlam pub 1941, 11pp, 6 plates(RAI)  £10  70gms

531 The Problem of the Light Automatic Gun/The Bren Light Machine Gun pub 1936 by various`authors, 11pp, 2 plates   £10  60gms


532 Naval Costume Past & Present by Commander R.N.Suter pub 1921, 21pp   £10  50gms


533 A reasonable system of Coast Defence c1898, by Capt. S.Lushington,R.A.16pp £ 5  40gms

534 The error of the Bow Gun and other errors incidental to the practice at sea c1863 by Benjamin Sharp, 20pp, 4 plates  £10  60gms

535 Guard-Rooms and Regimental Officers in Barracks c1873, by Lt.Col. C.B.Ewart,C.B. 2pp, 3 fold out plates REI  £ 10 40gms

536 Anti-Aircraft Gunnery/The 3.7-Inch A.A. Gun & its construction 1939 by various`authors, 19pp, 3 plates  £10 60gms

537 The Resistance of Armour Plate c1871, by Lt. English 16pp, 2 plates REI  £10 80gms

538 Artillery Equipments used in the Field during the last 25 years/Heavy and Siege Artillery . pub 1923, by Maj-Gen Sir Stanley Von Donop 18pp RAI  £10 50gms


539 Notes on the Construction of Magazines c1863, by Lt.Home 2pp, 3 plates REI £10 40gms

540 Flotilla Craft/Life in a Gunboat on the West Coast of Africa 1898 by various authors, 17pp, 3 B & W Photos (CUSJ)  £10  80gms

541 Machine Sapping c1883 by Major J.A.Armstrong, 4pp, 6 plates REI  £10  50gms

542 Cavalry Equipment ,Organization and Distribution c1890, by Col. F.J.Graves 24pp  £10  50gms


543 The 75mm Field Gun as a close support Col. E.Pagezy Pub 1927 20pp, 4 maps. RAI  £10  50gms


544 The Application of Electricity from different sources to the explosion of Gunpowder c1858 by C.Wheatstoune & F.A.Abel, 28pp, 4 plates with 14 illustrations REI  £10 70gms


545 Role of the Fortress in Modern War c1928 by Mar-Gen Sir E.I.Renside 14pp, 3 maps, 1 B & W photo RAI  £5 50gms

546 Improvements in Diving Dress and other Apparatus for working underwater c1860 by J.W.Heinke, 19pp, 4 plates  £10 85gms

547 Firing at Armour-clads reduced to a system c1872 by Capt. C.O.Brown, R.A. 17pp, 1 fold out drawing  £10  70gms

548 A Short Gun throwing a heavy sharp edged projectile c1867 by Lt-Gen W.H.Huthinson, 27pp, 1 fold out diagram  £10  75gms

549 Slade-Wallace Equipment/Wallace intrenching tool c1888 by Col. Slade and Major Wallace, 9pp, 4 plates  £10 60gms

550 An account of some Experiments and patented Method of manufacture cannon c1859 by Capt Blakely, R.A. 18pp, 8 plates  £10 75gms

551 War Rockets as a substitution for Artillery (1852) 17pp, 3 illustrations in text (CUSJ) £10 70gms

552 The Utility of Permanent Fortification 1930 by Lt.Col. Morin 15pp, 1 map (RAI) £10 40gms

553 Naval Gunnery and the use of Artillery 1830’s- 50’s by various authors 8 papers, 45pp, 2 illustrations in text (CUSJ) £10 100gms

554 Recent Trials of Angulated Plate for Ships of War 1860 22pp (CUSJ) £10 50gms

555 The Royal Regiment of Artillery in the XVIIIth Century pub 1942 18pp,6 drawings (RAI) £10 60gms

556 Improved Transport and Pontoon Equipment 1888, 5pp, 2 illustrations £10 40gms

557 Modern Field Engineering 1865 18pp (CUSJ) £10 70gms

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560 Memories of the Old Pipe clay Army 1924 by Col. J.G.Downing 16pp £10 40gms

561 Extracts from the Report on the Experiments at Okehampton in Aug-Sept.1876 30pp £10 60gms

562 Transport and Supply by Fortescue 1904 by The Hon J.W.Fortescue 21pp (CUSJ) £10 50gms

563 Armour-Plated Ships, their stability of vessels in a seaway 1864 by Mr. Barrass 18pp, 3 plates of illustrations £10 50gms

564 A new System of Signalling between Men-of-War and Merchant Vessels 1890 by Lt W.C. Crutchley R.N.R. 18pp, 2 plates £10 40gms

565 The Romance of Artillery pub 1943 by Brig. O.F.G.Hogg, 28pp, 8 illus in text (RAI) £10 90gms

566 On Means of Estimating Distance in the Field 1850 by various authors 18pp, 7 illustrations in text (CUSJ) £10 80gms

567 Aircraft Attacks or Gunfire against Warships 1936 by various authors 35pp 1 ill. £10 80gms

568 Notes on some works of Field Engineering during the war of 1870-7 by Major Shaw R.A. 10pp , 5 fold out plates with various scale detailed plans & illustrations REI£15 90gms

569 Remarks on the Russian Gun Carriages from the Sea of Azov 1855 6pp, 6 ill(CUSJ) £5 40gms

570 Fortification of Our Dockyards 1898 by Maj-Gen Sir Du Cane 15pp £10 60gms

571 The Shrapnel 1854/Segment and Shrapnel Shells 1869 20pp,3 ill in text(CUSJ)£10 80gms

572 The Invasion and Defence of Great Britain/Our National Defences 1846 35pp(CUSJ) £10 70gms

573 Notes on New Types of Gun Carriage & Artillery 1830’s-50’s 10 papers 32pp, 4 plates(CUSJ) £10 70gms

574 Description of Martini Magazine repeating rifles/Magazine Rifles in War 1899 by various authors 15pp, 8 illustrations £10 70gms

575 Armaments/Naval Artillery of the Future 1906 by various authors 24pp (CUSJ £10 60gms)

576 Notes on Artillery by Col. H.A.Bethell 1907-1912, 4 papers, 36pp (CUSJ) £10 80gms

577 The Present state of Coast Defence 1938 by Major G.R.Johnston,16pp(RAI) £10 70gms

578 Anti-Aircraft Artillery 1923 by Col. H.W.Hill R.A.,38pp, 6 drawings, 6 B & W photos (RAI) £10 80gms

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580 Development of Artillery Material 1925 by Col. S.W.H.Rawlins 17pp (RAI) £10 40gms

581 Improved Entrenchments 1872 14pp (CUSJ) £10 60gms

582 Shot versus Armour 1943 by M.M.Nicolosonj 14pp, 8 illustration (RAI) £10 60gms

583 Clearing and Safety for Long Range Coast Defence Practice/The problem of long range coast defence gunnery 16pp 1939 (RAI) £10 50gms

584 Shipbuilding during the War with France 1793-1815 by Commander H.H.N.Shore /Mech. Appliances in British Dockyards pub 1917 27pp(CUSJ) £10 70gms

585 The Development and future of the Fortress 1932 by Maj-Gen Sir H.F.Thuillier 21pp. 1 map (RAI) £10 80gms

586 The Navies of England and France/Cost of Her Majesty’s Ships 1859 23pp (CUSJ) £10 50gms

587 Equipment of Modern Cavalry/Cavalry Costume and Accoutrements 1869 18pp (CUSJ) £10 80gms

588 Ammunition Supply/The Supply of Ammunition in War 1914 by Capt. Salt & Col Gay 22pp. 1 illustration (RAI) £10 60gms

589 Heavy Batteries of the Royal Artillery/Heavy Artillery 1902 by various authors 21pp (CUSJ) £10 50gms

590 The Clothing of an Army/Khaki/Dress of the Army 1902 by various authors, 5 papers, 33pp, 4 illustrations (CUSJ) £10 70gms


591 Handling of Heavy Ordnance 1881 by George Fawcuts, 7pp, 5 plates, 1 fold out. £10 80gms

592 Gun cotton, cartridges, rifle projectiles 1866 by various authors 28pp, 6 plates.£10 100gms

593 Captain Norton’s Rifle Projectiles/Breech-Loading Rifles & their ammunition 1858/1865 by various authors 18pp, 13 illustrations in text. (RAI) £10 90gms

594 Automatic Artillery Fire 1884 by Major Bucknill R.E. 15pp, 6 plates. £10 70gms

595 Iron and Steel as materials for Rifle Cannon 1862 by John Anderson 17pp £5 60gms

596 Torpedo Defences 1866 by Nathanel J.Holmes R.E. 17pp. £10 70gms

597 Kings Counterpoise Gun carriage & Platform 1873 by Lt. Bucknill R.E. 7pp,1 fold out plate (REI) £10 60gms

598 A short history of the iron-clad trains pub 1882 by various authors 21pp, 1 fold out plate £10 80gms

599 Working Heavy Guns on Broadside & System of Armaments 1869 by Capt. E.Wulson R.N. 18pp, 4 plates (RAI) £10 70gms

600 Field Artillery on the connected system 1868 by Major W.H.Ross R.A. 18pp 5 plates 1 fold out. £10 90gms

601 Mountain Warfare : India pub 1895 by Major F.C.Carter 30pp, 12 plates, 5 fold out. £15 120gms

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603 The Storage of Gun Powder/Gun Powder and its successor pub 1872 20pp (CUSJ) £10 80gms

604 The Evolution of the Corps of Royal Engineers/Reorganisation of the 1900 33pp(CUSJ) £10 70gms

605 Gen. Sir Howard Douglas on Iron Defences & Armour Plated Ships pub 1861 39pp (CUSJ) £10 80gms

606 The Revolution of Projectile pub 1856 11pp, 5 ill. In text (CUSJ) £10 50gms

607 Type of Ship/Classification of Warships pub 1898 30pp (CUSJ) £10 70gms

608 Early use of Balloons in War 1782-1865 by C.O.Pullion pub 190112pp (CUSJ) £10 50gms

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612 Construction of Military Bridges pub 1853 17pp, 3 ill in text (CUSJ) £10 70gms

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617 Artillery pub 1872 28pp (CUSJ) £10 50gms

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622 The Development of the Float Seaplane by H.Harper 19pp 2 B & W photos pub 1938 £10 50gms

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624 The Military Engineer & his Craft /The Role of the Military Engineer in the Field pub 1906 by various Author 22pp CUSJ £10 50gms

625 Cursory Observations on Naval Architecture pub 1836 25pp (CUSJ) £10 60gms

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14pp, 8 plates, 1 fold out 1862 £10 95gms

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Infantry by various authors, 12pp, 1 photo. 1909 (CUSJ) £10 70gms

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2 ill in text 1870 (CUSJ) £10 80gms



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638 Modern Military Rifles 19pp pub 1907 (CUSJ) £10 70gms

639 Why did the Russian Artillery fail at Plevna, 15pp, 1 map pub 1895 (CUSJ) £10 70g


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642 The German Coast Defences 14pp pub 1916 (CUSJ) £10 60gms


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661 A visit to Messrs Schneider & Co.Le Creusot, France by Bt-Col. Bethell 1909/Patents and Inventions by Capt. Freeth & J.F.H.Templer 1909. 10pp, 5 B & W photos (RAI) £10 70gms


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664 Treatise on the 6-inch B.L. Gun by Major Nanson 24pp, 1 ill, 1 B & W photo pub 1936 (RAI) £10 70gms

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668 The telephone at home and in the field 1892 by Major Beresford ,22pp 1 fold out plate £10 100gms


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670 Movable Steel Mantlet for Protection of Artillery & Troops 1869 by Charles B.Eddy 11pp, 4 plates, 1 fold out £10 80gms

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735 The invention and development of shrapnel pub 1919 by6 various authors 13pp RAI £10

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747 Defensive preparations in England/Home Defence 1895/1907 by various autors 24pp, 2 papers (CUSJ) £10


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749 The use of Machine Guns in Tirah & Niger-Soudan pub 1899 by various authors 16pp, 1 map(CUSJ) £10


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752 The Royal Artillery/Artillery Reform pub 1895 by various authors 32pp (CUSJ) £10


753 Rifle for War/Small Calibres for War/M.G. and their Fire 1916 4 plates 39ppCUSJ £10


754 Garrisoning our Naval Bases/Who will man the Forts/Seaman’s Mecca 1902 3 papers 28pp(CUSJ) £10


755 The Development of Naval War/Ram in the Light of Recent Events1898 by various authors 18pp £10


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pub1909 (CUSJ) £10


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1025 The Great Siege of Malta 1565 pub 1898 RUSI £10

1026 The Expedition to Plattsburg, upon Lake Champlain , Canada 1814, pub 1916 RUSI £10

1027 The Action of Cavalry and Horse Artillery illustrated by modern battles pub 1894 RUSI £10
1028 Sixty Years of Frontier Warfare pub 1900 RUSI £10
1029 The Military Resources of the Island of Jersey , pub 1891 RUSI £10
1030 The Dongola Expedition of 1896 , pub 1897 RUSI £10
1031 The use of Pigeons as messengers in War and the military pigeon systems of Europe pub 1886 RUSI £10
1032 The rock Fortresses of Velez de la Gomera`and Alhucemas pub 1894 RUSI £10
1033 Military Defence Work by Civil Engineers pub 1906 RUSI £10
1034 Military Cycling and the Home Army pub 1906 RUSI £10
1035 The Siege of Port Arthur from a Naval Aspect pub 1906 RUSI £10
1036 Modern Artillery pub 1900 RUSI £10
1037 The Employment of Machine Guns in the Field pub 1909 RUSI £10
1038 The Crimea Revisited pub 1911 RUSI £10
1039 The Highland Emigrants and their Comrades being an account of the Siege of Quebec, Canada 1775-6, pub 1912 RUSI £10

1040 The Heavy Artillery of a Field Army a comparison pub 1908 RUSI £10

1041 Journal of the Siege of Louisburg by Lt. Gordon 40 th Foot. Pub 1915 RUSI £10
1042 Gibraltar ,How we took the Rock, How we held the Rock,+plate pub 1916 RUSI £10
1043 Cycling as an Aid to Home Defence pub 1902 RUSI £10
1044 A Visit to the lines of Torres Vedras pub 1896 RUSI £10
1045 The Development of the science of minesweeping 1915 £10
1046 The effect of the modern rifle upon siege operations 1858 £10
1047 The use of the Motor Car in warfare 1905 £10
1048 Seadromes 1935 £10
1049 The Prefabricated Harbour (Mulberry) 1945 £10
1050 The Employment of Anti-Aircraft Searchlights 1936 £10

More to follow






Latest Cover Designs

TP 716-719

TP 720-723

TP 737-740

TP 733-736

TP 661-664

TP 765-768



New Mini-Book size publications

MB1 The General Arrangement & Practical working of the Artillery Defences of a first class Coast Fortress, Protecting a harbour and Dockyard 1886 by Major White, Major Rainsford-Hannay & Captain Nash. 50pp

MB2 Horse Artillery. 1759-1870 by Captain W.J.Robertson 1888. 74pp, 1 plates with 3 illustrations , 12 tables, 2 illustrations in text (RAI).

MB3 The History of Artillery 1400’s-1815 By R.Flenley 1920 , 80pp. (RAI).

MB 4 The Mobility of Field Artillery Past and Present by Captain Hime, pub1870-3 84pp, 5 tables, 10 illustrations in text (RAI)

MB5 The Effects on the Bombardment of the forts of Alexandria July 11 th 1882. by Captain Walford . pub 1883, 60pp, 17 tables, 13 plates of maps/plans with 30 illustrations of fortifications etc. (RUSI)

MB6 Historical Sketch of the Defences of Dover by Major-Gen. C.S.Akers.1886 (REI) 180gms

MB7 Recent Development of Field Artillery Material on the Continent. 1902. by Captain L.R.Kenyon, 100pp, 7 tables, 10 plates with 17 illustrations/B&W photos. 41 illustrations in the text (REI)


MB8 Studies in Fortress Warfare c1884 by Captain Clarke and Lt. Nathan, 80pp, 3 Tables, 10 Plates/Maps fold out (REI)


MB9 The Russian Artillery in 1888 by Captain C.A’Court. 84pp, 32 Tables, 47 Plates, 5 fold out , with 100+ illustrations of Ammunition, Barrels, Breech-mechanism, fuzes,carriages, limbers, wagons, Mountain , Siege, Coast, Fortress, Heavy, Field, Artillery, Howitzers, Mortars, Ordnance. (RUSI)


MB10 The Development of the Thornycroft Torpedo-Vessel. c1877, 1881 & 1889 by John Donaldson M.Inst. C.E., 76pp, 35 Plates (8 pull out) with over 100 ill/drawings of vessels & equipment, to scale showing development and construction (RUSI)

MB11 Notes on Mechanism as applied to Artillery 1902 by Capt. Von Donop, R.A., 86pp.91 illustrations in text (OHMS)

MB12 Permanent Fortification c1854. by Lt. Tyler. R.E. 50pp, 22 Plates with 94 detailed ill/plans to scale of Fortress/Fortifications of various types to the design of Coehorn, Montalembert, Bastion & German system. Also details of Fougass ordinaries, shot furnace, fuze for mines, Gabions. (REI)


MB13 The Remarks on the system of Ordnance, Floating Batteries, Defence of the Country by Lt. Col. Boxer 1862. 86pp. (RAI)

MB14 Land Fortification Past, Present and Future c1889. by Major. G.S.Clarke.R.E. 100pp, 17 plates (13 fold out pages) detailed scale drawings/plans of : Lisle, Arab Tabia, Sebastopol, Defence of Paris, Belfont, Plevna, Disappearing Cupola of 12cm, 53mm Q.F. Gun, Travelling shield mounting, 21cm Spherical Mortar shielded, disappearing gun on rail truck. (RAI)


MB15 The Character of Gun best adapted for Naval Warfare, as gathered from the various plans of Guns proposed by Capt. Fishbourne, 1862. 56pp, 14 plans showing sectional drawings of gun barrels, ammunition, rifling details. (RUSI)


MB16 Ancient Cannon in Europe, from their first employment to AD 1400 c1864. by Lt. H.Blackenbury R.A. 58pp. (RAI)


MB17 The Training, Organisation and Equipment of Companies of the Royal Garrison Artillery with medium guns, and howitzers and their tactics in future field operations . The “Duncan Prize Essay of 1901, various authors. 80pp, (RAI)


MB18 Railway c1854 by Lt. Douglas Galton R.E. 48pp, 26 plates with 100’s of illustrations of buildings, carriages, rail layouts, earthworks, ovans, platforms, turntables and 18 ill’s in text. From Aide Mem to Military Science (REI)


MB19 English Guns and Foreign Critics c1871 by Capt. V.D.Majendie. 68pp, 6 figs in text, 6 tables. (RAI)


MB 20 A Popular View of Fortification and Gunnery c1830. 102pp, 74 illustrations in text. (CUSJ) 220gms


MB 21 Notes on Mountain Artillery 1895-1907 by Col. Simpson , A series of 6 papers over this period covering topics of : with French & Italy M.A., Eastern & Western views ofM.A., Mountain Artillery Drill 1837, Ammunition Columns for Mountain & Irregular Warfare, M/A. Equipment & Establishments, Development in the role of M.A., 62pp, 5 plates , 9 B & W photos (RAI) 140gms


MB 22 Locomotive Steam Engine c1854 .80pp, 11 figs in text. Taken from Aide-Memoire to the Military Sciences 3 rd Edition (REI) 150gms


MB23 The Maritime Defence of England inc. Offensive & Defensive warfare c1876 by Capt. R.A.E.Scott 46pp, 10 plates, 3 fold out. (RUSI) 135gms


MB24 Fortifications and Fleets c1889 by Major G.R.Walker R.E., 62pp, 1 fold out plates. (RUSI) 130gms


MB 25 The Attack of a Coast Fortress c1893 66pp 2 Ill. (RAI) 130gms


MB 26 The Best type of War-Vessels for the British Navy c1876 by Commander Noel R.N., 58pp, 4 plates, 3 fold out, 13 illustrations. (RUSI) 130gms


MB 27 Tactical Employment of Field Defences c1898 by Colonel Goldie, 54pp, 13 maps (REI)160 gms


MB 28 Notes on Tactics for Ships and Weapons of the present 1877 by Captain H.J.Hay 60pp (RUSI) 160gms


MB 29 Defence of Harbours by Fortifications 1908 by Brigadier-General R.F.Johnson R.A. 74pp (RUSI) 140 gms


MB 30 The Evolution of the Defence 1899 by Colonel Goldie, 78pp , 9 detailed maps (REI) 200gms


MB 31 Fortifications of Holland and the Dutch c 1883 by Captain N.L. Walford R.A. 62pp, 14 plates, 24 detailed plans (RUSI) 150gms


MB 32 Military Equipment at the Paris Exhibition of 1867 by Capt. R.H.Stotherd, R.E., 58pp, 17 plates with 63 illustrations (REI) 150gms


MB 33 Great Britians Maritime Power, How best developed etc. C1878 by Lt. S.M. Eardley-Wilmot R.N., 64pp, 7 tables, 7 plates, 14 illustrations (RUSI) 150gms


MB34 The Military Engineering of the Ancients pub. 1864, 68pp (CUSJ) 140gms


MB35 Report of the Ordnance select committee on competitive rifle cast-iron guns 1863 44pp,9 plates with 17 illustrations of rifling and projectiles 120gms


MB36 Field Entrenching: its application on the battlefield and its bearing on tactics 1879 by Bevet Major T.Fraser, R.E., 62pp, 4 maps, 24 plates with 35 illustrations, 1 fold out with 2 illustrations 170gms


MB37 Establishments of the British Field Artillery since 1815/Equipments of the Royal Artillery by Capt. J.H.Lefroy R.A., 100pp, 38 tables (RAI) 180gms


MB38 Progress in Barrack Design 1900 by Major E.H.Hemming ,R.E. 28pp, 25 detailed plates with scale drawings of design, of which 17 are fold out, 5 double fold out (REI) 260gms


MB 39 Notes on Ordnance in the Rotunda Museum/English Guns in the Royal Military repository at Woolwich / Inscriptions of an Indian Gun on the Barracks field Woolwich, by various authors, 56pp, 8 plates with 15 illustrations, B & W photos, 9 drawings in text, pub 1863 & 1886 (RAI) 140gms


MB40 Fortifications use in the siege of Kimberley 1899-1900, 22pp, 29 plates with 59 illustrations (REI) 110gms


MB41 The Abyssinia expedition of 1867 and the equipment of the Royal Artillery 5 papers covering details of expedition, Elephant carriage, steel mountain batteries, mountain train cormed for,with additional plates pf 7pd RML Steel Gun & Saddle tree, engravings from ILN, 54pp, 3 plates fold out, 5 plates with 9 illustrations of Mule team, 3 illustrations in text (RAI) 160gms


MB 42 Notes on the Equipment & Ordnance of the Indian Artillery c1857 3 papers on Royal Artillery at Canton (2), Sketch of Bengal Artillery system, On Native Ordnance. 13pp, 14 plates of scale drawings of Madras 12pd Mountain Howitzer, Madras 4 ½ Inch Howitzer Limber (RAI) 110gms


MB43 Coast Artillery Practice: How best to conduct it with a view to requirements of actual warfare c1897 by various authors (RAI) 110gms


MB44 Notes on the Field works used during the Siege of Paris and the War of 1870-71 by Lt. Fraser, R.E., 30pp,25 plates of which 4 are fold out, 77 illustrations (REI)140gms


MB45 The World’s Warships by Major W.J.Robertson, R.A.1875, 46pp (RUSI) 90gms


MB46 Notes on the Campaign in Bohemia 1866 by Capt. Webber, R.E. 26pp, 15 plates , 7 of which fold out , 3 maps (REI) 150gms


MB47 Field Intrenching: its application on the Battle-Field and its bearing on tactics by Capt. E.Clayton, R.A. 58pp, 3 maps (RUSI) 120gms


MB48 Pack Artillery, its use & development in Desert Warfare, Field & Siege operations, Home defence by various authors, 78pp (RAI) 145gms


MB49 The Engineer Operations on the Gold Coast during the recent operations 1876 by Lt.Col. Home, R.E., 106pp, 33 plate of which 10 fold out . (REI) 280gms


MB50 Ammunition Columns and Parks, considered with reference to the replacement of ammunition, horses, and men during and after action 1896 by various authors 54pp (RAI) 110gms


MB51 Operations of the Engineers of the First Division Peshawar Valley Field Force 1879, 38pp 11 plates of which 5 are fold out. (REI) 130gms


MB52 Field Artillery Fire 1892 Force by Captain W.L. White, R.A. 112pp, 3 illustrations in text (RAI) 200gms


MB53 Dirgible Balloons and Special Ordnance for attacking them 1909, 64pp, 16 illustrations in text. (RAI) 130gms


MB54 Experiments at Shoeburyness 1864, 62pp(CUSJ)130gms


MB55 Mobile Artillery and Aircraft pub 1929, by Capt. H.R.Kilner & other authors, 64pp (RAI)


MB56 The improvements in Mechanical Transport likely in the near future pub 1920,by various authors 85pp, 2 B & W photos. (RAI)


MB57 Letters written by Lt-Gen T.Dyneley whilst on active service between 1806 and 1815, 62pp, 3 B & W illustrations pub 1906(RAI) 110gm

MB58 Strategic Movement by Rail in 1914  by Capt. C.S. Napier, 60p, 4 maps. (RUSI)


MB59 An Essay on the Past and Present State of Fortification in Europe c1839 y Major G.W.Prosser, 60pp, 4 illustrations (CUSJ) 110gms


MB60 The History and Traditions of the Royal Artillery  by Col. E.A.P. Hobday, pub 1918, 30pp, 14 B & W illustrations (RAI) 110gms


MB61 Military Cycling 1893-1910 by various authors , 9 papers, 66 pp (CUSJ) 140gms


MB62 The Story of Warships Past & Present/The Battle of The Ironclads/Ironships 1867 by various authors 68pp (CUSJ) 145gms


MB63 Artillery ReOrganisation 1896 by various authors 80pp (CUSJ) 160gms


MB64 Notes on the Capture,Defence & History of Gibraltar pub.1902-19 by various authors, 66pp, 3 maps (CUSJ) 150gms


MB65 Notes on Artillery by Captain C.Holmes Wilson, 66pp (CUSJ) 150gms


MB66 The Evolution of Modern Army & Navy Signalling, 1894-1914 (CUSJ) 130gms


MB67 Artillery Tactics, Training and Development 1905-19 Lt-Col Holms Wilson (CUSJ) 120gms


MB68 Notes on the War in the Peninsular 1808-10 by Maj-Gen J.C.Dalton pub 1910 (RAI) 110 gms

MB69 The Development of Artillery Tactics 1914-18 by Lt. Col. Broad DSO. Pub 1923 (RAI) 90gms

MB70 The Battle of Cambrai Nov 20-30 th 1917 by Major-General De Pree pub 1928 (RAI) 125gms


MB71 The Evolution of Artillery in the Great War by Lt.Col. Brooks. Pub 1925 (RAI) 270gms

MB72 To what extent may Guns and Howitzers for greater calibre than those of Field Artillery by Major Knapp RGA pub 1907 (RAI) 100gms

MB73 The Rock, as regards its connection to the R.A. by Maj-Gen J.C.Dalton pub 1924. (RAI) 90gms

MB74 The Influence of Railways on Military History by various authors, 6 papers, 60pp, 1map pub 1891 (CUSJ) 120gms

MB75 Iron Casemates c1865 by various authors, 58pp, 3 plates 7 fold out (REI) 210gms

MB 76 Warfare against uncivilised Races by Lt. R Da Coasta Porter R.E. 56pp, 2 plates of 7 ill, 2 plans pub 1881 (REI) 130gms

MB 77 The Siege of Mooltan 1848-9 by Major
Sibbons, 43pp, 4 plates,6 fold out .(REI) 130gms

MB 78 The Centenary of the Battles of Salamanca, Leipzig and Toulouse by various authors, 56pp 5 maps (CUSJ) 130gms

MB 79 The First Two Battles of Plevna by J.Formbyu, 48pp, 4 illustrations, maps (CUSJ) 110gms
MB 80 The Siege and Fall of Khartum by Major
F.R.Wingate 78pp CUSJ 160gms
MB 81 The “Honour” titles of Batteries in the Royal
Reg. of Artillery/Re Organization: Titles and
Traditions in the Regiment by various authors 42pp, 6
B & W photos (RAI) 100gms
MB 82 My Journal during the Bhootan Capmaign by
Capt. Warren R.A. 44pp, 2 maps, 6 ill In text 1864-5
(RAI) 100gms

MB 83 The War of American Independence by Lt.Gen
Sir G.McMann 42pp 2 B & W plates (RAI) 90gms
MB 84 Russian Account of the Campaign in the
Crimean 1854 by Anitschkof, Captain in the Russian
Imperial Staff ,pub 1860, 92pp (CUSJ) 165gms

MB 85 Notes on the History of the British Soldier by C.A.Gordon pub 1868 100pp (CUSJ) 185gms

MB 86 Suppression of Rebellion in the North

Territories of Canada 1885 by Gen. Sir

F.Middleton pub 1893 62pp (CUSJ) 140gms

MB 87 Services in Ireland, The Peninsula, New Oreleans and at Waterloo from the Papers of the Late Major James Mill, 40 th Foot. Pub 1870 64pp (CUSJ) 120gms

MB 88 The British Cavalry and its Organizations pub 1862 84pp (CUSJ) 165gms


MB 91 Memoir of General Wolfe pub 1863 (CUSJ) 90gms

MB 92 The Last Chinese War from the attack, capture and occupation of Canton 1857-59 pub 1859 (CUSJ) 90gms

MB 93 A Popular History of the Steam-Engine (CUSJ) 95gms

MB 94 Attack and Defence: or the Siege of Old Court house, a tale of the Civil Wars (CUSJ) 120gms

MB95 The Confessions of an Old Dragoon pub 1854-5 (CUSJ)

MB96 The Siege of Sebastopol pub 1854-5 (CUSJ)

MB97 Recollections of the British Army, in the early campaigns of the Revolutionary War pub 1836 (CUSJ)

MB98 The Present Organization and Force of the Royal Artillery, with Observations on the Corps and the Arm Generally c1856 (CUSJ)

MB99 A French Account of the War in China c1839 By A.Haussmann (CUSJ)

MB100 Historical Details Relative to the Military Force of Great Britain from the Earliest Periods to the Present Time (1841)By Henry Marshall (CUSJ)

MB101 Observation Upon Infantry Drill C1845 By a Field Officer (CUSJ)

MB102 Life in the Trenches: or Reminiscences of Bhurtpore , its siege and fall By a Field Engineer (CUSJ)








More to follow………..

Cost £17.00 per booklet + postage.


Technical Publications Cover Designs

More to follow



Technical Publication, back view and opened up showing plate.


For subjects of a non technical nature ie , Battles ,Campaigns and other material. These are covered in the Special Publications collection.

Each subject is published in a card cover booklet 16cm x 24.5cms. ( their original size) with plans & fold outs carefully folded & placed in the place as the originals were.

These publications can be supplied in two ways:

Folded & stapled as a booklet.

Pages cut to single pages & punched to fit our binder.

Binders of buckram cloth (Dark Blue for Tec. Pub., Dark Green for Special Pub.) with gold leaf lettering & badge on spine & cover. Each with Spanish marbled endpapers, spring clip & compression bar can be supplied.

These cost at the moment £18.00 + postage. They are made to order as additional ones have different Vol. numbers.

Details of Technical Publications Binder

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