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Artillery & Fortifications

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Top, Left-Right, (A4 size)

A Treatise of Artillery, 3rd Ed. 1780 by John Muller

A Treatise of Fortification , 1st Ed. 1746 by John Muller

Army Service Corps. Training Part 3, 1915 Horse Transport.

An Essay on a Proposed New System of Fortification 1849 by J.Fergusson

Treatise of Military Carriages 7th Ed. 1911. 2 Vol’s ,plates Vol. open, with slip case.

Front row, Left-Right (A5 size)

The Military Mule in the British Army and Indian Army An Anthology by Brian Nicolls, Philip Malins & Charles Macfetridge.

History of Coast Artillery in the British Army by Col. K.W.Maurice-Jones

Field Works (1888) by Col. C.B.Blackenbury.

History of the Indian Mountain Artillery by Brig-Gen Granham.

The Bombardier and Pocket Gunner 1806 by Capt. Ralph Willett Adye

A Primer for Garrison Artillery 1877 by Major M.F.Downes.

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