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This website has been established to help all the collectors and researchers to find the items which they may want to purchase for their interests and we produce as easy as possible.

Our main product range of postcards and publications relate to the history, dress, uniforms, badges and campaigns of the Regiments of the British Army with a small selection on the Indian Army.

A further extension to this is the publications both hard backed and soft covers on Artillery, Equipment, Fortifications, Transport and a small section of historical firearms.

Collectors of publications on the British Royal Navy will find a growing section covering their interests.

During the process of obtaining the original books & handbooks to re-publish, a small selection of unwanted second hand books have become available for which there are lists available. Likewise during the need to supplement these re-published books with additional photographic material a small collection of original B & W photographs are now surplus to our requirements, printed lists of those for sale may also be sent.

There is also an "Approvals" service for the collector of information who may purchase copies of photographs in our archive for a fraction of the cost of the original photograph but with equal quality. Choose from AFV (tanks, vehicles etc), Regimental Bands (group photos) Planes (RFC, FAA,RAF), Military Images Collection (by Regiment, single, groups etc) Bandsman & Events(British Regimental Bandsman at various parades & events, in colour).

For the collectors of Military & Naval "Ephemera" there is an extensive selection of Programs, Regimental Christmas Cards, pages from old Reg. Journals etc. with a collection of ILN & The Graphic engravings from the 1840 covering Regimental events, Battles, Campaigns up to the 1920’s.

For any customers who have never purchased any of our books from the various selections they should be aware that each hard backed book is hand bound by craftsmen in Yorkshire, in the tradition way using the highest quality materials which when finished, can be added to any existing collection with pride and will not look our of place. We do not cover our books with modern dust jackets but prefer to leave them so the quality of the craftsmanship can be admired.

As a progressive publisher of modern as well as the re-published titles, we are always looking for Authors who want their work publishing and offer a personal publishing service to add their title to our ever growing selection of publications. We offer first class royalties and a quality finished product to match the effort & skills of the Author’s work.

For all our customers, be it UK based or Overseas, we have tried to make the calculation of postage costs as easy as possible and make it possible to send a payment with your order instead of having to have the exact cost sent when the order is made up ready for postage. We hope that this is a fairer system and that it will save time in receiving your order. Please look in the "Terms & Conditions" section.

During various times of the year we will give our customers "Special Offers" please make sure you look in this section and also the "Latest News" section before leaving the site as you may miss out on a bargain and our new products .

 D.P. & G Military Publishers,

PO Box 186, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, UK. DN4 OHN

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